Qn on jade bangle

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  1. I have never seen anything like that irl. I think red jade in itself is rare.

    Dynasty - i hope this works out for u. The bangle is beautiful. Good luck!

    Clairejune - the new bangle u are getting is gorgeous!! Where did u find it? Sorry if i miss out anything, but why does it have a gold brace? Is it just the design or does it have a crack?
  2. I say buy it if u can. It is rare n beautiful
  3. The jade is lovely. Is it from the same etsy seller?
  4. Yes I think so too
  5. Thank you dear sister
  6. So far they give me discount $450USD but I ask for more lower, still waiting for their email, wish me luck for this sister ;)
  7. Breadngem, Thanks for the compliment! The bangle is vintage, from the 1960's. I think it had a crack that someone repaired. I don't mind the brace now that I have a braced bangle. Was thinking eventually I could have it made into a hinged bangle with a nice clasp. Getting really into the look of gold with jade bangles..Always wanted to design something to go on a bangle. This might be my chance because the quality of the jade seems worth it to me. the lavender one is from the same seller, all older jades.
  8. Sisters, last call, which one is prettier?
    First one have three color $1,650USD
    Second one 2 color $1,125USD

    Attached Files:

  9. Yes I will sis ;)
  10. Dynasty,

    I think both options looks lovely. Which one sings to you more? I'd go with the one that makes your heart flutter. As for size, I think 58.5 will be ok fit on your hand. Plus point it will be easier to put on & remove. Good luck and look fwd to your mod pics soon. ;)

  11. What a unique combination - lavender & red. I love how that fiery red patch is attention grabbing. This is bangle is no wallflower. Can imagine all the oohhs and aahhss coming your way with this one. :smile:
  12. I like them both Lol but I only can get one for now so have to make decision

  13. Oh my...this is so dainty pretty. The gold brace some how enhances the lavender and makes this bangle so special. Will you be getting this as well?

    I'm also on love with the dark blue hinge bangle your getting. It is so Yin & Yang cos one side is light blue and the other side is darker. The yellow spots reminds me of prosperity cos they look like mini mini gold coins floating around. A great balance of elements. You r ssoo fortunate to hv found this bangle. :smile:
  14. Dynasty, I like the first one more. It reminds me of firecrackers and confetti, while the second is not as visually unified.

  15. Oh dear. I hope everything works out and that you quickly apprehend the intruder. So creepy and unnerving at this invasion of your personal space.

    Btw, I'm so happy to hear that gold Mochi is getting better from all the treatments and the medical prognosis is positive. What a relief for you. Undergoing these treatment must be so tough for the lil guy. Pls send him my hugs & cuddles. ;)
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