Qn on jade bangle

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  1. Check out this light lavender and red bangle! Seller says 62 across, but I think that's outside diameter.

    red jade bangle.jpg
  2. Claire, bangle with the red patch is gorgeous. How much is it?
  3. Bread, that's a v good price!
  4. I love, love, love this one, how much this one is?
  5. Ladies, fancl is closing down. Havent used this brand b4 but i heard the makeup remover is v good. Maybe i shld grab a few bottles since i use makeup remover to remove my sunblock...

  6. Dynasty, I'm not getting that lavender one now. I have to get the blue hinged one ( in the next week) and the braced one from Aloha. Then, if it's still available.....maybe. But I would invest more money in making a hinge and removing those gold braces.
  7. The red bangle is 390! It says it's reserved, but I bought my bangle from them while it was reserved too. They have a general buyer, and they had to ask the buyer if it was ok to sell to me, which they agreed to do. They might even accept 300.
  8. Claire, that's a v good price! :smile:
  9. That is very good price
  10. Is very pretty tho...hopefully will be there for you when you are ready for the next one ;)
  11. Hopefully, Dynasty. I can imagine dressing that one up in such an elegant way. Those gold braces do nothing for the bangle, and the jade is so fine and worthy. Because of the good price, there is still room to have some amazing gold work made....with purple or lavender sapphires!!
  12. Is 56.5mm very snug? It looks quite fitted on your wrist. If so 58.5 is alright, just a little more roomy
  13. [/QUOTE]

    Hope things work out for u. Keep us posted & take care!
  14. I think 58.5 shld be ok.
  15. Yes, how pretty that will be, specially on you will look elegant and gorgeous, You should get it, don't let it pass
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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