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  1. Congrats Bread, it is very beautiful. What size is this ? a 54 mm diameter ?
    We need some lovely modelling shots :biggrin:
  2. Thanks! It's actually 55mm. Need lots of very greasy lotion to get it on and off. I am not wearing it at the moment cos i am in the middle of some intensive household chores :p.

    Glad that you received your bangle and hsve no problems with the trsnsactio. Cannot wait to see your pics!
  3. Wow! I Love this thread! I'm so happy to have bump into this thread. Love all the pics and information about Jade. I have a few Jade jewelry that my DH bought me about 12yrs ago. We never really paid much attention about it's quality, all we cared about at the time is that it was real :p even then, we really were just taking their words for it. It did indicate in the receipts that they were real Jade though :smile:
    Hmmm...all this pics of Jade bangle bracelets making me want a new wider w/ a flat inner rim bracelet :graucho:
    Thought to share my Jade Jewelry!

  4. More pics!
  5. Do any of you ladies know much about this color of Jade?
  6. Is this red jade? Very lovely colour! You have a very nice collection : )
  7. Thank you :smile:
    Is that what it's called? Do you know if this is a common color?
    I've had these jewelry for years...I love the solid jade bangle bracelet but unfortunately I can't wear them. I tried to wear them once, since it fits really snug it felt like it was constricting my wrist. I took them off and I never attempted to put them back on again. My favorite is the Jade and gold bangle bracelet that DH surprised me with. He bought it on one of his trip to Asia :smile:
  8. I havn't seen a red jade bangle in real life. The only red jade i've seen are small pieces set into earrings or rings. Yours is very pretty. May i know where you got it from?
  9. DH bought this for me long time ago in Bangkok Thailand. The name of the Jewelry store is called Venus Jewelry.
  10. Can't wait to see your pics! :biggrin:
  11. I just bought a red jade bangle from a chinese vendor at the cne for $75 is it likely fake?

    Also is it ok to wear w gold plated bracelets? Thx
  12. Can you post some detailed photos of it?
  13. A really late update, i bought a pale green jade bangle online in august and two weeks later, i decided that it is a little too big for me at 56mm and bangs around so much at my desk job, hence, placed another order for a white, greyish jade bangle at 51 mm.

    The 51mm fitted really well and i had to really squeeze my hand in to fit. However, i feel that i can really go even smaller like 49 mm for a better fit. Well, i will wait till i go to the jade markets in Hong Kong and buy in person. Buying online is truly a leap of faith:biggrin:
    I have been wearing it 24/7 non stop for 2 weeks.

    Now, i don't know what to do with 2 bangles as i can't wear them as a stack as they are too noisy. Perhaps i should give the larger green one to my mommy.

    excuse my dry winter hand:lol:
    P1070949.jpg P1070948.jpg P1070947.jpg
  14. Is the white one the thinner one on the inside of your wrist (sorry my monitor doesnt show uo colors very well)? I like it, it's very pretty. You have very slim wrists and hands to be able to fit into a 51mm!

    I know some people wear a gold bangle between 2 jade bangles as a buffer. You can give it a try if u decide to keep the green one. Alternatively u can also take turns wearing them. Both are pretty :smile:
  15. There is an old lady on my block who does it the other way round - she wears a thick bright green jade bangle sandwiched between 2 thin gold bangles. It looks really regal :smile:
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