Proenza Schouler PS1 vs. Mulberry Alexa

  1. Advo, thanks for this thread - I have been dealing with the same decision! I am leaning towards a Mulberry as well, though I still might get a Bays instead of an Alexa.

    It's a very tough decision. :push:
  2. I love the way the PS1 looks, if the strap went cross body it would be a winner. I bought the Alexa, and carried it on a trip. It was a life saver. I bought the regular size, it was big enough for my stuff, but now I wish I'd bought the oversize model.
  3. I like the Mulberry better because for a "utility" style bag, it has more of a rugged, urban look.
  4. I still prefer the PS1, as well as the color range. The only Alexa I like is the TWEED, but since there is hardly a price difference, you cannot go wrong with Proenza Schouler.
  5. i like the ps1 infinitely more. to me, it's a cool, fresh update of the school bag/briefcase while the alexa's not adding any new elements design-wise. feels same old, same old. the braided handle and slouchiness screams boho to me too, which i'm not at all into.
  6. i definitely love the alexa more than the PS1 even though the PD1 is gorgeous too!
  7. Regarding the price difference - I don't recall what the Alexa cost in $ but the PS1 definitely cost more here in Europe than in the US. So my guess is that the difference between the two bags isn't that big in the US, whereas the difference becomes bigger in Europe.
    in a heartbeat.
    without a doubt.

  9. The Alexa comes in leopard print which is the deal breaker for me. Although I did deliberate for a month.
  10. Mulberry!
  11. ps1

    the alexa is going to look outdated quickly because its just an it bag..
  12. Alexa! More feminine IMO
  13. I like both bags, though i think not everyone can pull off PS1. Mulberry is more feminine.
  14. I purchased both bags as I think I won't be settled unless I see both in real life. PS1 in black large and Alexa oversized in black plonge leather. The Alexa arrived last week but the plonge leather looks cheap comparing with PS1. It doesn't feel like a $1600 bag at all. I also don't like the fact that if I'm wearing it on the shoulder, the strap will cringe the top of the bag...

    I like the fact that Alexa has a longer strap, more feminine and can go with more outfit. However, PS1 won hands down. There is no comparison with leather quality and the chic style. With just $400 difference, I'm going with PS1 and the decision didn't even need a second to make.
  15. Anyone else seen both in person/have experience with both? I really like both of these bags and have been debating between them for a while now – would really like to get one in the near future. Just want to do some more research and thinking first.

    I was initially drawn to the Alexa, but I’m beginning to like the PS1 more and more. I just wish the strap was longer because I’d like to have the option of cross body.