Proenza Schouler PS1 vs. Mulberry Alexa

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  1. What a dilemma! :graucho:
    Proenza Schouler PS1 medium £1180.jpg leighton_meester_proenza_schouler_ps1.jpg ofpo52[1].jpg
  2. PS1 all the way...
  3. LOL. I do love the PS1, but not the price. Mulberry at the very least, always have some somewhat reasonable prices.
  4. I like the Mulberry :tup:
  5. PS1 for sure
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    Could you guys elaborate on why you like which bag? I really can't decide. I think the leather is probably better on the PS1 and I love it's shape and design. But it is most likely going to be more expensive than the Alexa (price unknown). But on the other hand, I love how the Alexa is like a more relaxed and casual version of the Bayswater. The Bay can be a bit formal because of its very structured shape, so the Alexa seems like a perfect choice for a more relaxed look.
  7. oh my hard one... i love both but personally i would take the mulberry, i like the front more
  8. I prefer the design of the Mulberry.
  9. I prefer the design of the PS1 and it has so many compartments to keep me organized. I can keep my wallet in the front compartment, checkbook in the zipper pocket behind the wallet and the rest of my stuff in the main compartment. I just think overall it is a much cooler, chicer look. Oh, and the leather is gorgeous and soft and slouchy. I have no regrets with spending big money on my PS1. And the PS1 can also be worn cross-body if you want to...

    As for price, the medium PS1 is $1,595 and I can't imagine the Mulberry being too much less than that. The Bayswater is $1,000 and this looks bigger, so the difference would maybe be a couple of hundred dollars.
  10. ^I definitely agree with you that the PS1 looks more chic and cool. However, (LOL :biggrin:) I also love the vintage-y look the Alexa has (in the Oak colour anyway). Decisions, decisions. I believe the Alexa can be worn crossbody too. I saw Alexa Chung wearing it crossbody, unfortunately the picture was pretty small, so I couldn't be bothered to post it.
  11. I vote the Mulberry! I love the oak color and you know the leather will last! The design appeals to me more: slouchy chic.
  12. I have a PS1 and looooove it :P
  13. Ps1 :smile:
  14. Personally I like PS1. but I don't think it's a bag for everyone's style. Mulberry has more feminine looks. And I like their leather.
  15. The Alexa, for sure! I'm having serious baglust for that one, and I adore Mulberry full stop. I love Bays but yes, it can seem a bit formal - this is the perfect relaxed version.