Proenza Schouler ONLINE Today!! Lux Wallets & Accessories

  1. Well my Amex took a hit today as I bought FOUR colors of the gorgeous new Lux Wallets from Proenza Schouler. Fantastic prices, 2010 colors and Made in Italy. Considering their bag prices, these are impressive!


    Key-rings are $135
    Wallets are $165
    Totes are $185

    These are limited to 100 pieces each and close to selling out.
  2. Do you know how big the wallets are?
  3. Not sure how large the wallets are, and no pics have been released of their insides. Blogs are going crazy about them though, and the leather is so lovely, I just had to order them sight unseen.

  4. they only ship to the U.S. :sad:
  5. So it's more like a cosmetic case, not a wallet with card slots or anything - actually, this would make a nice clutch - but how big is it? I'm really tempted on that gorgeous saturated purple - LOVE the pic on their web site!
  6. Check the link above you. It's pretty tiny.
  7. Thanks for the pics, I looked in that thread but now all the way back to August lol.

    Still very happy with my buys, they looked way too cute to pass up. The Blackberry and Moro colors have sold out already. The leather looks amazing.
  8. Thanks, I went back and actually paid attention this time and yes - it's pretty tiny.

    But the color.


    Sold out now, so - maybe one will turn up on the bay in the future - ;)
  9. Does anyone know what the actual measurements of the wallet are? I really like this, but not necessarily if it's only the size of a coin purse or something...
  10. Since it's not really practical as a wallet; no card slots, how about putting an iPod in it? Wonder if it would work for that?
  11. The moro is not sold out--i got ordered mine yesterday and received today! it was so quick! It's a simple clutch--leather is lovely!
  12. Can you post the length and width measurements?? I'm curious to know the size of the wallet. TIA!!
  13. I ordered the moro today. If you can, please post pics.:smile:
  14. I had mine shipped FedEx ground, but hope to see a few pics of these before I get them! Not sure why some say sold out, and at other times they are available. I think their cart system keeps any orders in the cart until released?

    Really cannot decide what color I love the best, looking forward to seeing how saturated and rich the color is irl.