Prada Saffiano tote quality

  1. We may be referring to the same thing about the stitch coming out of the corner hole (where the zipper is). It is just scary. I hope they can be consistent in terms of quality. They said that it it is typical for the stitch to break or something like that esp in edges since saffiano is a hard leather.
  2. what's really scary is that I pointed it out to the SA and she said that it's a "new thing that Prada is doing now"! I was really surprised. she pointed out they did it in the front and then on the back side on the opposite end. she picked up another bag and they had the same thing but then the open tote did not have it. only the lux totes with zippers.
  3. I had the same peeling issues on the leather lining inside my BRAND NEW BN1336 underneath where the zipper is at. Apparently the peeling is caused by the zipper being sewn too close to the leather lining so when you zip and unzip it rubs against the lining, causing peeling. Anyway I brought the bag back to the Prada boutique and requested for an exchange, since it is a brand new bag with all the white wrappers around the zips and shoulder straps still intact. But I was totally surprised when the Prada staff just said in a nonchalant manner, "This is nothing unusual. It's a very common issue with the Prada bags since this part is hand-sewn." I was totally flabbergasted. I mean, this isn't the sort of quality and service standards I would expect from Prada. Leather peeling on a brand new unused bag? She refused to do an exchange with me, only a repair. But I needed the bag as a gift and I can't afford to wait a good 2 to 3 months for the bag to be flown to Italy and back. After kicking up a fuss, the store manager agreed to an exchange. And guess what? I checked through a good EIGHT BRAND NEW BN1336 with the staff and all had some quality issues. I had no choice but to settle for the 'best' of them all. I do love Prada and it still remains my favorite brand, but I do think there is an issue with quality recently and also in the service standards. *argh*
  4. I am seriously loving the Saffiano Luxe Tote but all these quality issues are bugging me. I am flying to Europe next month and that's probably the best place to buy it (price wise) but now I'm thinking twice about the purchase. Sigh...
  5. The same happened to the Saffiano tote that I bought on July 6 at the Soho Prada Boutique. After just 2 days one of the handles seal started peeling your like in the pictures you posted. I know that most bags peel eventually but not after a few days :rain:

    I went to the Soho Prada Boutique and they exchanged it, my new bag even has a tag that says it is made in italy. I tried looking for the tag in my first bag but it didn't have one so I guess it was a bag made in China.
  6. Such a shame
    I've been looking at all these faults with the saffiano tote which I was planning to buy - frankly I'm quite turned off by all these defects and also having some made in china?? Where the fakes are also made :sad:
  7. I completely agree. The quality and service has been really going down. They didn't even bother getting back to me after they said they would order the saffiano tote for me. 2 weeks later when I called back they said they don't know what happened and were not very helpful.
    What's the point of paying this much for a bag that starts to fall apart immediately?
  8. I got it back three days ago. It took about 2 weeks. But hear this: I used it yesterday, and one of the handles has started to peel off again! GAH I'm so sick of their quality!! :tdown:
  9. I know! Unfortunately not.. I used it as a handluggage when I traveled to New York, so maybe the bag couldn't handle too heavy things in it.. but either way, I used it three times so it shouldn't show any signs of wear.
  10. Totally agree!
  11. I think if you aren't truly satisfied with your bag, you should definitely get it back. Though I'm not sure if it's going to be worse as time pass by.
  12. So a quick update everyone: I recieved my bag a few days ago from the repair center in Italy, and I was thrilled. I took it out, and carried it for like 2 hours. When I got back home, I noticed that one of the handles had started to peel off again, and one corner had started to com off to. I mean seriously, I carried it for 2 hours!!!

    Anyway, I just spoke to the Client service at Prada and they told me that unfortunately all the 2274 in Cameo are sold out, so either they are going to try to replace the parts of the bag which are defected or I'll get a full refund. So only time will tell I guess..
  13. It sucks! I'm sorry to hear that :sad:
    I would go with different leather choice, it just sounds too much for me that one has to keep dealing with that problem...
  14. So sorry to hear this! I'd go with the soft calf which looks and fees much more lux and sooooo much more durable!
  15. I know.. but I love the Saffiano model so much!!