Prada Saffiano tote quality

  1. I didn't find my made in tag in my 2274 either. The made in tag in my 1801 is located to the left of the zipper pocket.
  2. I have been working at Prada for two years now and while, yes, there are some bags that are made in China, those bags are usually the ones that are made specially for seasonal sale or for the outlets. Other than that, all new/classic collections/best sellers like Saffiano and Gaufre are made in Italy.

  3. False alarm, I did find it.. it's a small black Made In Italy tag sewn in the lining on the top left or right corner (depending on how you view it). You just have to be reallyyy patient when looking for it :biggrin:
  4. My saffiano's leather is fine - however i have noticed the clasp of the detachable long strap which is coated gold has started to peel so i'm not happy either with my Prada :sad: Don't think i will be buying from the brand again
  5. Same here I bought my first Prada and the handle have few uneven leather felt and apparently it's normal... I don't have any problem with Louis Vuitton handles. shall be first and last too
  6. I came to this thread because I noticed that the stitching on my handles is very poorly done. some parts it bulges out or looks like doubled stitched at random spots along the handles. no peeling yet but the stitching is poorly done. little tag inside the pocket says Made in Italy.
    it is the BN1874 in cammeo.
  7. This is what I mean by bad stitching, anyone else notice this on their bags?



  8. Sorry for the late reply - I haven't noticed anything on my handles, but I guess we need to get used to that our Prada saffiano's aren't perfect..
  9. You are right, I got used to it. Still a great bag.
  10. These quality issues are absolutely unacceptable. I have a Prada tote on my vision board but I'm taking it down. I am so glad I wandered in here because the last thing I want to do is attract a poorly made bag for $2000.
  11. Guys, i bought a Saffiano bag bn2274 in Cameo in aug 08 in Venice and today i got a chance to thoroughly examine it after realising that my Prada plate which has a Milano on it is on REVERSE. Yes i mean the word Milano is reversed. I was shocked and think immediately that my bag is fake. Anyone pls help me. I do have the authenticity card and i used my visa card to purchase it. Can i bring this to Singapore and ask for an exchange. This is my first time wearing Prada bag and having such an awful experience with it. I lost my recepit since i needed to collect my tax refund at the airport and the custom lady said that they had to keep it, wth, i never heard such a thing in my entire life. Pls pls pls help me.
  12. 2008's been a while!

    Try bringin it in to the SG stores and see what they say! I have a feeling they will send yours for repairs instead of exchanging it since its been 4 years+....
  13. No. I meant i bought it on 08 Aug 2012, which is just a few months. Im wondering if anyone has encountered the same issue as mine.
  14. You already posted and saw at the other theead. If its this year aug iirc they have a 2 year warranty for prada bags right? So definitely they can fix for you for free... Regarding exchanges I find it really depends on the SA sometimes
  15. Just bought my 1st prada, i notice the stitching is not as good as other brands.. also im worried about the handles as mine is a light colour bag, will the handles darken?