Prada Bags: Now Made in China for Italian Made Prices."

  1. Prada is also made in Vietnam now too. They are tricky as the metal tag inside states Prada Milano however there is a tiny sticker hidden inside the bag indicating that it is made in Vietnam. I guess they hope that the sticker will fall off. This was my experience with my new Prada bag.

    They proudly display when items are made in Italy however hide this fact when it is produced in other countries.
  2. OMG... a sticker? thot it was a sew on...
  3. have no idea
  4. I have bought 5 different Prada bags in Italy last month, and only 1 of them is made in Italy.

    Having seen those "mic" tags in the other 4 bags I have purchased, I have to say, I'm only willing to pay outlet prices for Prada bags from now on.
  5. ^^ Did you buy those 4 not made in Italy from an outlet or Prada boutique? :smile:
  6. Hello ladies,

    I just wanted to check if anyone has been in the same situation as me. I've had my eyes on the BN1801 bag for a while. 3 weeks back I popped into the Melbourne Collins St Prada store to have a look at it in person. I asked the SA to show me the 'Made In' tag. He started saying that some of their Prada bags do not have the 'Made In' tags but after looking around inside the bag he pulled out the 'Made In Italy' tag sewed on next to the bag number tag inside the bag's small zipped pocket. Today, after being paid, I went back to the same Prada store with the full intention of buying the bag. But to my surprise, the bag the SA showed me today did not have a 'Made In' tag at all! :confused1:The SA showed me 2 other bags from the back and they did not have the 'Made In' tag too, though all 3 bags had the bag number tag. I was disappointed that I couldn't get my bag because I personally will not be truly happy with my first Prada bag if it did not have a 'Made In Italy' tag (though I know some of you don't mind it or don't mind having a Prada with a 'Made In China' tag). :crybaby:

    So I wanted to ask if any of you ladies have come across a situation where the same bag model has a Made In Italy tag on your first look and there was no Made In tag when you had a look at the same model bag again at a different time?


  7. This thread has gotten long and I don't recall who or when, but yes, that exact thing happened to someone else that posted here. You could skim through the thread to see who it was.
  8. Excellent article. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Such things do happen dear. Same bags but made in different places. However you can hardly tell the difference right? :sad: you'll bound to find one made in Italy. U deserve to have one made there for the price you're paying!
  10. Hi where do yo authenticate prada? What forum?
  11. Reading this tread has made me paranoid after buying a bag from old bond st boutique. Called them and really helpful/nice SA told me where to find the discrete made in italy tag. He actually called me back after finding out where the tag was located, it wasn't near the black and white numbering label.
  12. I just bought a Saffiano Lux tote a day BEFORE finding his thread, in Prada Hong Kong boutique. Looking up geographically on how close it is to China, my paranoia just keeps bundling. I quickly looked the "Made in" tag in the very inside lining of the pocket, and found a tag, but with no "Made in" print. My hands and my eyes were like doing a scavenger hunt, and finally found a tag, just at the very outer side part of inside lining. It is MADE IN ITALY to my relieved.

    But after reading the thread, made me wonder of the quality of the bag, and a bit disappointed finding out that each side of the top leather part near the button area (the top leather on the zipper) is not neatly attached to one another. However, i will find my best to grow my love back to its original proportion to my Saffiano.
  13. I just bought a prada Nylon Tote BN2107, I checked inside the bag to find any tag......:sad: but it possible that Prada has no tag inside the bag?
  14. I just bought a prada Nylon Tote BN2107, I checked inside the bag to find any tag......:sad: but it possible that Prada has no tag inside the bag?
    I asked the SA about it and he says that most of the nylon bags has no tags inside:SSS
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    Well it's finally happened - what I always knew would happen and what always happens to designer items made in China.

    An unauthorised handbag has made its way onto the market. And where there's one, there's plenty more.

    That's a bag made using all the authentic materials and trademarks owned by Prada, probably made inside the Prada manufacturing site, but which is not made under Prada's instructions and authority. Designers authorise or licence a manufacturing site to make a certain amount of a certain style and no more, and they provide the necessary materials for those items. Anything made over and above that licence or authorisation is technically a counterfeit. Even though it is made with all the correct materials and trademarks, it has been made illegally.

    I'm only surprised that it took this long for me to see one.

    They're currently being sold from that authorised Prada outlet called "Facebook". There's another good reason to avoid facebook completely.