Post Your CELINE Bag Pictures Here

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  1. I use Apple Brand Garde Rain & Stain Water Repellent - Protector Spray. works really well for me as my area rains more frequently than not, and I still wear my bags anyway (after a good spray!)
  2. thanks - i will try to get it :smile:
  3. Small Celine Deep Red Python Classic Box IMG_20190117_180702.jpg
  4. Happy Friday everyone!
  5. You must be having one with that gorgeous company! :love:
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  6. Out chilling ’n sipping Starbucks with my nano.:cool:
  7. Took me 5 years to track this down! My Fall 2014 Boxy in Tan Vegetal Calfskin!
  8. Wow, this bag is beautiful!
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  9. 5107AC97-0365-4EC9-8CA9-03293798457D.jpeg At the car dealer today
  10. So stunningly beautiful it brings tears to my eyes!! Congrats on the hunt!! Great find :loveeyes:
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  11. This is absolutely beautiful!
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  12. This made me smile! Thanks so much!
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  13. This bag is sooo great. It went completely under the radar. I’ve got to have one. Almost any colour is good for me ... black, tan, navy, etc. If you know of any available for sale please let me know
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  14. Here’s mine, the Seau Sangle in Terracotta Natural Calfskin. With my other favorites: Trotteur, Cabas Phantom, and Cube.
  15. Received my new (to me) large Trio today! Love it!!
    F3E13171-28E3-4CC0-BDA2-97497375E6ED.jpeg 5733A0AC-F6DD-4C6A-BBBB-6133C8576B7B.jpeg