Post Your CELINE Bag Pictures Here

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  1. This is the newest addition to my handbag collection, Celine nano belt bag! I love it:heart: 20181206_133903.jpg
  2. I love this, you're so lucky to have one of these!
  3. Sharing my collection!
    • Medium box bag in shiny black leather GHW
    • Small cabas phantom tote in black grained leather
    • Nano luggage tote in navy drummed calfskin GHW
    • Micro belt bag in ruby grained calfskin GHW
    • Larger sized seau sangle tote in black goatskin GHW
    • Small trio crossbody in Amazone lambskin GHW
  4. I love your collection! So well balanced and the colors are absolutely stunning!
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  5. Got the knot bracelet for my Xmas present. I am so torn if I should add a Mini belt bag to my collection. Do you guys know if belt bag will be discontinued or will carry on ? IMG_6438.jpg
  6. Totally understand !!!!! I couldn’t decide between this two colors my heart goes for the taupe, but afraid of color transfer. But my logic goes to the grey seems more practical and not afraid of color transfer.
  7. Gorgeous collection of hardworking classics.
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  8. Stunning collection!
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  9. My updated collection photo IMG_1694.JPG
  10. :ps: EXQUISITE!!! Love EVERY single one of them!!!:loveeyes::love::hbeat:
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  11. Wonderful! What colour is the big bag?
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  12. It is slate color. I love this bag very much!
  13. 9107EDB9-5A7F-4771-A4C2-07A61698AFC3.jpeg Just put this on hold and will pick it jö next week ❤️
  14. Switching out of my nano Belt bag to Box bag:heart: 20190111_162728.jpg
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  15. I did pick it up!!! But due to snow and heavy rain I didn’t wear her :/

    How do you guys keep them protected from rain/snow/humidity? Any ideas?
    567E21D7-5F22-4FF6-B4BB-324772307EC0.jpeg 6FE47FBD-7775-42B5-8EEB-0ADAA9639680.jpeg