Post Your CELINE Bag Pictures Here

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  1. Ladies and gents, please post photos of your Celine bags here. It would be great to have all of these gorgeous photos in one place.
  2. I'll go first then :biggrin: my large Celine white bittersweet:

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  3. Here is my new Anthracite Mini Luggage in natural light. I wanted to show how much it fits: iPad, oversized sunglasses, reading glasses, wallet, large makeup bag, keys in main compartment and iPod, camera and mints in interior zipper compartment and Blackberry in the outside pocket. The photos also show the salmon colored suede lining and how the bag snaps and unsnaps. I love it!

  4. [​IMG]
  5. Wow, KittyKat, she is a beauty. Congratulations and thanks for the close-ups!
    I have to admit I don't post often but this is definitely one of those cases where I cannot not post. The Luggage is a seriously classy and elegant bag and I definitely have a place reserved for one in my tiny and carefully selected collection - sometime hopefully not very far in the future :smile: I have been waiting for your photos for a while and really, I think it was very much worth the wait. Congratulations again!
    Would you say anthra is true to the colour on the photos and is it very heavy?
  6. Thank you so much for your kind words, longchamper!

    I tried to get photos over which the most questions were asked. The color is very close to the first 5 photos. Depending on the light it is a very dark gray, but the photo of the back makes it look black. I don't find it too terribly heavy on its own, but with all my stuff in it it is quite heavy. The iPad on its own weighs it down, but not enough to bother me. I agree that this is one of those bags that really needs to be in a collection. I don't have too many bags as I sold a bunch during the recession to pay bills, but the ones I have are classy keepers.

    Oh, and not enough can be said about the leather. It is so buttery and soft (almost velvety), but still thick and substantial. It's been a long time since I was blown away by quality and workmanship, but I am truly amazed by this bag.
  7. Thank you, KittyKat! I really do think the colour is perfect in that case.

    I totally agree with you that this bag has the "blowing away" factor and for myself, too, it has been a very long time since any bag has managed to do that - if ever. But the design of this Celine is so distinctly classy and the quality seems impeccable, I think for my personal taste if there was ever an investment piece this would be it.

    Thank you for initiating posts and posting photos on the Luggage - I think for me personally it was your posts that introduced me to this beautiful thing!
  8. KittyKat!!!!!!! Gorgeous! My SA told me there was only ONE anthra left in the country and it will arrive by the end of this week!!

    Will you post mod pics so I can see how it looks on? I am uncertain since it is "mini" and I am NOT mini! teehee... No case for your ipad?

    More pics! Love this bag, so classic.
  9. Here is my leopard luggage tote!

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  10. The bag is not mine but I thought I can help add a Luggage in brown to this thread.

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  11. Oooh, your photo of the pocket with the paper sticking out behind it reminded me to check and my bag also has a space behind the envelope pocket to put stuff in!!
  12. Kittycat, the color contrast is breath-taking! Congrats!
    Here is my Luggae Mini.:biggrin:

    After 2 weeks of traveling and daily use:

    Just brought back from the store & full of fillers in it:

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  13. Gorgeous camel!!! The grainy leather has such a great texture!

    The leopard is just beyond words.

    No wonder we are all having a difficult time choosing. Every single one of these bags is breathtaking! I don't think there is any wrong choice.
  14. Gorgeous bags!
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  15. whaaaa! kitty, i could smell the leather from here!!! congraaaats! truly amazing! from the material, stitching, down to the lining! :drool: i wanna molest her!!! LOL! can you fit the handles over your shoulder?

    einseine, she really looks well-loved! you know, bec of you, my friend wants a camel too!

    namie, have you tried other styles? is nac out of the envelopes?