Please hjelp me decide first Céline

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  1. Hello dear fellow TPFers.
    I have caught the Céline bug and now all I can think about is which bag should I go for as my first Céline purchase. Please advice as I’m driving myself mad.
    I need a bag for work. I don’t carry a computer, but a bottle of water, big headphones and a packed lunch in addition to phone, keys etc.
    I started loving the Micro Luggage.
    Here in Dark Wine
    And this is a lighter version, possibly Dune
    However, now I wonder whether I prefer the ease of the small big, sangle seau and Cabas.
    This is the medium Cabas in blue.
    This is the Sangle in tan
    Another Sangle, in a Burgundy colour
    And the small Big Bag in tan

    Ideally, I’d prefer two Céline bags, one for work and a smaller one for the weekend. The smaller one would still need to fit my large headphones. I have eyed up the micro Belt for this purpose. This is the Micro Belt in Ruby.
    If I get two Célines I definitely want the Micro belt, but that begs the question which other bag will compliment the Belt shape and Ruby colour?
    TIA! Castor
  2. The last bad is a mini Belt in the gorgeous Amazone. I adore that colour, but find that I prefer the Micro Belt. It’s so cute as a small bag.
    As for colour/skin choices I’m limited to the ones shown.
  3. I like the micro belt bag and the two micro luggage totes!
  4. Mini luggage.
  5. I have most of the bag styles you mentioned (except for the cabas and mini belt) and I would definitely say the micro Belt bag is my most used bag for work. The small Big Bag would probably be my second choice as it’s a good transition bag for work and play (but the lack of structure makes it less work-day so I mainly use it for weekends and casual days).

    If you are ok with arm carry, then the micro luggage is a gorgeous bag but I found it too heavy (esp if you travel with a water bottle!) so rarely used it.

    Tote bag wise, I would probably vote for the cabas over the seau sangle (even though I have the latter) as I find the bottom a bit too big so not as comfortable to wear as I’d expected.

    Good luck deciding! These are all great Celine bags so I can see how it can be hard to choose.
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  7. Thank you for your posts.

    The Micro Belt is my favourite style, but it’s a bit small for work. I commute and carry quite a bit. I won’t actually use the bag at work as I wear a uniform, but to and from work. Hence, the bag doesn’t have to be work formal or go with a suit. I dress feminine-casually in jeans or skirts/dresses.
  8. It sounds like the Cabas might be a great work bag for you, and would be a nice complement to the micro belt! Then you have a nice carry-all and something more structured with a top handle option for the weekend or other occasions!
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  9. Thank you, I’ve been thinking along those lines too, but felt very unsure so it’s good to get another opinion. The Sangle may be my third bag (the Céline bug has really got me :nuts:).
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  10. I love the Big Bag or Belt for the weekend, 2 way option bags and for work my vote is for the Cabas.
    I hope they will start making the big bag in a slightly more structured leather because it’s such a gorgeous shape standing up, but once you carry it with things it, it looses its shape a bit (maybe an insert would help).
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  11. Small big bag loses shape a after short time of using, especially in smooth leather. I use my samorga from the cabas in the small big bag, and the bottom doesn’t drop then. But the bag did loose structure in the front. I have all of these bags except the sangle. The cabas is the easiest bag to use and cabas and small big bag are the lightest.
  12. I vote for the Cabas Phantom Tote! It looks really good on you or maybe the Micro Luggage - I love mine and even want to get it in the Mini size because I use my Micro all the time
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  13. I’m actually considering getting a belt bag myself but haven’t had the chance to try them on in store since I don’t live near one. How does the micro and mini belt compare to the micro luggage? I have the micro luggage but something with a shoulder strap would be nice
  14. Thank you for alerting me to the stuctural issue with the big bag. I guess the dreamy softness of the leather (especially the natural tan) has its downside.
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  15. Thank you for your thoughts and insight into these bags. Seems like an organizer is a must. Does the loss of structure in the front of the Big Bag bother you much?