Please hjelp me decide first Céline

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  1. Thank you! I’d love both bags, good to know that you live your Micro Luggage.
  2. I think the Mini Belt is closer in size to the Micro Luggage than is the Micro Belt, but I’m not sure.
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  3. This forum really is the best, I admire your knowledge and willingness to hjelp! :flowers:
    Thank you!
    Now that so many of you have praised the Cabas so highly I am going to call the store tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll still be there... They only had one with the old logo.
    I’ll let you know how it goes.
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  4. The Cabas looked great on you and so did the Belt bag. Hope they’ll both be there waiting for yoy. Keep us posted!
    P.S. I just realized the Belt Bag has 4 different sizes (Nano, Micro, Mini, Original). Something to consider before buying them. I think I tried on the Micro (still on my wishlist) and knew of the original.
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  5. I'm a shoulder bag type of girl so I'm a huge fan of the Sangle for a work bag and a micro belt for the secondary bag - it's versatile, can be carried on the shoulder or arm and can go from a work to weekend bag.

    As for colors, can't go wrong with any of Celine's colours - except that shiny mirror silver one.
  6. This is my bag new in store

    And this is my bag now

    There is a big difference. It does bother me.
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  7. I think it ruins the lines of the bag :sad:
    They should have given the front panel, bottom and back panel more structure. Not the type of design be slouchy everywhere, IMO.
  8. Thanks for posting before and after pictures. Very informative, and I totally understand why it would bother you. I hope you’re still able to enjoy your beautiful bag!
  9. I’m considering getting a bag organiser for my small Big Bag too (as the slouchiness does bother me somewhat too).

    Has anyone come across one made just for the Big Bag? Just wondering how good a fit the Cabas samorga is for the small Big Bag? (I don’t have a cabas and don’t use any organisers for my other Celine bags).

  10. Samorga for my small cabas is almost a perfect fit. I think that it should be wide an inch less and needs an inch in depth to be a perfect fit for a small big bag. I noticed this just now when you asked the question. Here is a picture. My samorga matches the color of my cabas. With the samorga, the bottom of the bag never drops, even when it is full. I am thinking of buying one more samorga for this bag and keep it inside always. I think it helps the bag stay structured when it is not used.

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  11. One of the belt bags looks great on you!
  12. Sangle looks stunning on you! It looks modern and unusual.
    The other ones look kinda dated to be honest.
  13. Thanks so much for the reply and pic! I think I might go for the cabas samorga. I was a bit worried about the fit but it looks fine in your pic. :flowers:
  14. Thank you for the post. I’ve never considered an insert before but now that I see it it looks really smart. Especially if it helps with the structure of the bag, too. A win-win really.
  15. Thank you, and aren’t the jewel colours stunning :heart:
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