Scarves Please help me pick a CSGM - Rose pour Alma or Jungle Love Tattoo?

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  1. Hello all, I wanted to update you on the final purchase. In the end I managed to procure the blue Rose pour Alma which was my first choice color-wise. I'm smitten :smile: I love the soft lines of the flower, the beautiful denim tones and the bold contrast hem. Can't wait to wear this all winter. Mod shots follow, please excuse the creases as I took them after a whole day of wearing the shawl.

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  2. Gorgeous!
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  3. I adore that jungle love :heart: I have a soft spot for Dalet and big cats :biggrin: plus I’m appearently colour-phobic, as I never wear my coloured shawls. But that’s just me! The Alma looks great on you!