Scarves Please help me pick a CSGM - Rose pour Alma or Jungle Love Tattoo?

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  1. Both are gorgeous but my vote is for the JL! You should really look around, though. I think that there is a current Peuple du Vent in a neutral CW and that is a great pattern all the way through. There was also a fairly recent Jaguar Quetzel in a neutral cw that still might be floating around! Have fun choosing and let us know what you come home with!
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  2. Stop by the boutique and try them on you ... I have so many times “ pick this on website “ then “ go home with that “ from store :smile:
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  3. Despite my love for the JL design, I’ve had it twice so far and sold it both times because I can’t see the cats. Maybe there are a few ways to tie the GM to see them better, but when I buy a scarf with cats as the focus...that means I want to see them! :lol:
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  4. Jungle Love!!!!!
  5. Another vote for JL! Such a gorgeous CW
  6. Jungle love!
  7. Jungle love. You’re spending $1k on a scarf for the design, it’s wearable art. IMO, the flower one really isn’t a great design. I also have the super dark navy cw Jungle love and it’s my favorite csgm.
  8. I would buy the JL. A classic design with so many ways to highlight certain parts of it. Both are beauties but of the two, I personally like JL better.
  9. +1 for JL
  10. So I went to the store today to try the shawls. They didn't have the Alma in the cw that I wanted so I tried another cw, and I know the blue I like is still available online.

    I think I'm actually going to settle on the Alma, despite all the votes for JL. It has a softness that I really loved. As bunnycat said, with JL the selling point is the cats but they disappeared when I tied the CSGM in my favorite way. All I saw was a random assortment of foliage. And tied in other ways, both the SA and I felt that the busy JL pattern overwhelmed my small frame.

    The SA also preferred the Alma on me. Plus she said the JL is constantly reissued so I could always get one in the future, whereas the Alma will probably never be.

    Here are the pictures! Unfortunately the Alma one came out blurry but still gives you an idea.

    Thank you everyone for your replies!

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  11. Maybe one day we’ll figure out JL! The giant triangle might work for the cats.
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  12. I love the Alma on you! But you can’t go wrong with either, look forward to seeing which you pick
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  13. The Alma looks great on you! I especially like how the border of the scarf reflects the same color from the center, still creates interest and looks beautiful.
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  14. Wow, that is really a difficult choice! I love them both on you, and I think JL looks just fine on your frame, but the colour around your face with the Alma really is a great plus in the coming winter....I am surprised the Alma ties so beautifully, because first time I saw it, I was “meh”...but it is really lovely in every shade...if they had issued coral pink I’d have dived on it... maybe next season for the kitty cats! Well done, and enjoy!
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    They both compliment you so well after seeing the pictures.....the best of both worlds would be....get both :love::coolio::giggle::graucho:
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