Scarves Please help me pick a CSGM - Rose pour Alma or Jungle Love Tattoo?

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  1. Dear scarfies, I want to get a neutral CSGM for this winter. I love the look of a dark hem with light colored scarves so I've settled on the two following options. I'm leaning more towards the Alma because I love the blue. The shawl has a real wintry vibe with the blue/white combination Also the Jungle Love seems a bit busy and not as... relaxing to look at. On the other hand I do like animal print and it's a beautiful, classic design. Which would you pick? And if anyone has mod shots of either of these to share (even in other colorways) it would be very welcome. Thanks in advance!
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  2. Jungle Love because it's classic Dallet and because I prefer the more balanced pattern distribution and background colour.
    I'm flower averse , hope you get lots of input from those who love the femininity of Alma.:flowers:9
  3. Argh- that's a hard one, as I love both animals AND flowers...but I don't think either of these 2 has been tied to properly show the strong points of each one so am no help.

    If relaxing is what you want, I'd go for Alma.

    I love JL as a design and artistic execultion, but also love cats so much it irks me that the cats are SO hard to make visible tied in any format. The faces on them should be the star of the show, and they never are!
  4. Jungle Love without a doubt! The intricacy of the design wins hands down.
  5. I prefer the alma because the oatmeal background of the firstone would look terrible on me. Also I love blue and flowers!
    The background of the alma looks more creamy. It really depends on your skin tone and what would look best
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  6. OK- I found a pic of JL tied the successfully showed the cats face. (Pic courtesy of AFF and our friend Google.)


    You are going to have an empty border with either one. I think you just have to decide which color combination and pattern is going to make you happier. Can you try them both on?
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  7. Jungle love! I like that oatmeal colored background more than the cream.
  8. +1 for the Jungle Love. I have that CSGM and another in the black/ivory. One of my favorite all time designs and easy to style.
  9. Hi! I own the Jungle Love CSGM in the exact color way you've shown above and I must say, I absolutely LOVE it. It literally goes with everything I wear and always looks both chic and cool. HTH.
  10. If I love both design and only able to take one, I will pick the colour way which match my daily wear and my skin tone. Jungle love have multiple reissues and may be more in future. You may miss it without regards. I’m not familiar with Alma, but it seems relatively rare.
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  11. I would recommend JL bc you have more tying options. Alma has huge white borders. Here is my aqua JL:

  12. I love both, sorry can not help but can you get both?:happydance::giggle:
    Hope you will have a great time playing with both of them in store. :drinks:
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  13. Both are so lovely! That Alma with the blue is a huge selling point. But when I think in terms of an ultimate neutral - my practical side would go with the JL.
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  14. Another vote for Jungle Love!
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  15. Thank you everyone for the responses so far! Keep them coming!

    bunnycat and Croisette, you have especially given me something to think about that I hadn't considered before, and that's the fact that 99% of the time, I wear my CSGMs the exact same way that the model wears Alma. Sure I could experiment but I know that I will just default to my comfy way of tying most of the time. I'm only 5'1, so I feel like this is the only tie that doesn't overwhelm me in large volumes of cloth.

    I actually love the way Alma looks on the model. It's classy, cozy and elegant. If I tie the JL the same way, however, the animals will be barely visible as bunnycat pointed out. The cats are indeed my favorite part of the design. I don't even like the little flowers crowding the borders, but they will be the most visible part when I tie the shawl like this.

    I think I'm going to have to go to the store to try on the JL this weekend. Unfortunately I can't try the Alma in this cw but hopefully they'll have another cw available for me to compare.