Pictures of my Bottega Veneta Ball bag!

  1. Well this is it! I have been eying this bag for 2 months and I finally bought it:nuts: , I love it. I am wearing a sweatshirt in the picture and it still looks cute! Had just fed baby. I can get away with alot of styles with this bag.:love: Casual. The turquoise suede interior is to die for!:love:

    Soybean, the tone on tone colors (mine) are over (fall color), the resort collection now has it in black and nut (notche), not tone on tone any longer.
    Bottega 016.jpg Bottega 098.jpg Bottega 099.jpg Bottega 011.jpg Bottega 094.jpg
  2. Oooh! Lovely. I like it a lot! It looks like it's a comfortable bag too.
  3. That's just beautiful! Enjoy!!!
  4. Beautiful colour, especially the interior ! And I love your multicolore port tressor ! :love:
  5. Thanks everyone!
    Ayla, that wallet goes with every bag!:love:
  6. Beautiful! I love the seam detail. Very sleek!
  7. Yes, it's details like those that set apart the really well-crafted bags. Beautiful! :love:
  8. great bag! i want!
  9. Wow! That bag is sooooo beautiful! Enjoy!
  10. oh my gosh STAR!!!! What a beautiful bag!!! I had not seen that color (two tone), but the THAT is beautiful!!! I thought the blue interior only came with the orange bags....guess I was wrong!! I had been Lusting after the blue interior, and that was why I had/have been contemplating buying an orange BV (well, I like the color orange too....but am not too sure how Orange some of those bags are ) Now you have to take your new bag out on a date and show it off!!:biggrin:

    For your new BV, I have nothing but :love:!
  11. Oh g-d my baby is still up. That sweatshirt is ugly but comfy,I always wear it at home, I cant wait to wear it with cream!I took the pictures so quickly, everyone is off for the holidays and I have baby full time...he's so delicious!:love:
  12. Gorgeous bag star.. Congrats:biggrin:
    I love the wallet.. have the same one:lol:
  13. Beautiful bag, Star! Enjoy it :biggrin:
  14. That is a beautiful bag!!!! Congratulations. :biggrin:

    And may I ask what kind of jeans you have on? A Mom at school had some on the other day with that same tag...and I was curious what brand they were...they looked really cute. :P have a baby? You look fantastic!
  15. I look too skinny in the pictures cuz I am on my side or something, I am thin but the pictures are kinda annorexic looking. The jeans are 1921's. I have everything from, True religion's, Seven's,Rockin'republics, james, paige, paper denim,Joy,ect.... Atleast 50 pairs no joke, I LOVE MY 1921'S the cut is perfect for me. They aren't as expensive as the other's like my true religion's but they fit really well!