Pictures of my Bottega Veneta Ball bag!

  1. Perfect taste that we've come to expect Star! Beautiful!
  2. I will have to find some here and try them. I am a jeans girl...I wear them everyday! Not even close to as many brands as you have....but I do have about 25 hanging in my closet! LOL I find myself reaching for my Levi's 518's super low boot cut the most....they are SO comfy!! :love:
  3. Fabulous the interior look great..congrats!!!!
  4. I know, Jeans are like an addiction too! Try all of the 1921 cuts, Bootcut, Straight cut etc..They are gorgeous in the dark denim! I have all the cuts I think.:wacko:
  5. Thank-you so much....I'm blushing:shame:
    Thanks Ginger;) :love:
  6. Excellent; you are wearing the bag just the way it will look good on you ( Just behind the Arm. The Drop to the Hip +++++ Great Leather good line from Shoulder Down.
  7. I am no professional, but yes, I felt that it fell right on me. In the pictures it looks a little bigger than what I would wear to go out. I would be more proportional with the rest of my outfit....THIS IS NOT AN OUTFIT FOR MY REGULAR ATTIRE! I regret now not having got dressed.NO JEWELLERY EVEN!! AAHHHHHHH ! I AM NAKED!!!!! I was totally on call today!
  8. You're fine!! Silly girl. :p
  9. Yah, but still could of had more fun changing the threads:suspiciou :lol:
  10. wow that bag looks amazing on you. love how you can throw it over your shoulder like that. wish i could have that one!
  11. Love your BV! I can't believe they have it in the 2 tone colors! I never seen that style before. It's so amazingly beautiful! :love: And gosh, Star... you look so GOOD for a mom! Damn.. I hope I'll have your body too after I give birth in the future. :lol:
  12. Who carries the 1921 jeans? And do you know if they have available in shorter lengths?
  13. Fayden, Irissy, thanks so much!! I love my baby, it took ayear to lose the weight.
    Pseub, I ran into these jeans in Florida at the Aventura Mall in a trendy store called mile high. Here in Canada they are at a few local boutiques. They are sold amongst the shops with trendy jeans like rockn republic, all the can definately find them by word of mouth if you ask some cool shops.
  14. Breathtaking bag. I know you will enjoy! It seems like it will last a lifetime! Very retro but yet cutting edge! Classic!!!!
  15. Love the bag, love the jeans, and I actually love your outfit! It is casual but so cute.

    I was searching for a BV bag that I would love, but I didn't find one at the malls! I love this one though. It is a perfect fit for your body too!