Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action

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  1. Omg I love your speedy Dubai edition? I’ve never seen this before but I want it now was it limited edition?
  2. neverfull beach bag

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  3. This is not my bag but it is from the my world tour line, you can pick out stickers you like and have them printed on the bag. The Dubai sticker is still available.
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  4. Thank you so much for letting me know, I had no idea about this I’m so excited about this
    Thank god for the purseblog for sharing knowledge amongst us lv’rs
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  5. #15455 Feb 10, 2019
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    Thanks frivofrugalista!! I especially love the strap - I just can't deal with chain straps. I hope LV will make more Twist bags with a solid strap..
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  6. Thank you so much LV_4ever - really am loving this bag, can't seem to put it down!
  7. IMG_0106.JPG
    I found a nice pom pom to go with S25
  8. I LOVE the pompom!! Where did you find it?
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  10. The leather is squishy yet firm. I rotate my bags very frequently, so I wouldn't say I use it too often. But a good amount. Sorry if this isn't helping.:oh:
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  11. Using my Kirigamis :heart:

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  12. Thanks. There’s a local online shopping platform and this girl was just clearing her personal closet and selling random stuff and I picked this new pom pom at only few bucks which works out to be USD3.60 maybe? Haha I know it’s so darn cheap but it sure doesn’t look any inferior !
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  13. Walking through Kensington Gardens with my Pochette Metis...


  14. This is great to hear, thank you. Its always good to hear from people who own the bag for some time and have used it to get their feedback. I am hoping to get the mylockme bb is a weekend bag, so this is good news ! :tup:
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