Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action

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  1. Nice to see you here! You always have beautiful modshots :heart:
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  2. Catogram on Oku Iya Niju Kazurabashi.
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  3. Your so brave chinchin.. lol if I was those cats I would have jumped right off that canvas. :lol:
  4. Just got a mini pochette and im obsessed!
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  5. My mini in DE was supposed to be here today but it's snowing so it been delayed :sad:
  6. This cutie came in time for Chinese Lunar New Year
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  7. Great photo! Bag looks fab
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  8. I love Epi in blueberry! Wish LV would bring this Color Back!
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  9. Thank you, this is actually Indigo which seems to change color depending on the light (and my camera can't capture it right). Blueberry is gorgeous though.
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  10. Took my new preloved Chantilly out for the first time today :blush:
  11. Oh wow! I thought it was blueberry in low light! This is a beautiful shade! Enjoy :heart:
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  12. Forecasts says showers, was going to take out DE Speedy B but opted for DA Neverfull PM despite rain
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  13. Sneak peak of Horizon 55, full Bday unboxing next month:happydance: fullsizeoutput_53e.jpeg
  14. Nominated for picture and response of the year!
  15. fullsizeoutput_541.jpeg My Virgil Abloh inspired bag courtesy of Zara