Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action

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  1. Hi V. I can’t believe it is finally here (seems like forever since you ordered it, lol). Love the sneak peek so far. Happy Birthday in advance. Also love your Zara tote and the cute charms/tags (especially the Chapman one).
  2. E91B5594-1294-44C7-BDCA-33F36C7BF8BC.jpeg Not really “in action” pic, just a photo of the bags used throughout last week sitting on the shelf in my laundry/cloak room (not very glamorous lol)
  3. Thank you for the Birthday greeting, IM:flowers:
    I'm saving a very small but adorable pickup from Champs-Élysées LV too. It's going to be an exciting March!
  4. Decided it’s Artsy’s Turn
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  5. Went shopping today with my Trevi! Actually bought my first in-store LV again after about 8 years of buying pre-loved! But it was a great occasion, I bought the pochette metis finally. Also tried on the heart shaped black Ted baker bag as seen in the picture, I love it!

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  6. Catogram Speedy Bandouliere out to lunch...
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  7. I love the shorter handle. Which strap is this? It looks great with the tassel too.
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  8. How do you find the leather on this bag? Do you use her often ?
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  9. Shadow nano checking out the fish pond IMG_1433.JPG
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  10. Dh VNR and my trunk clutch while waiting for the valet.

  11. Two lovebirds and my beloved Speedy 30 :heart:
  12. IMG_5653.JPG IMG_5573.JPG
    Out with Black Twist at sushi lunch...
  13. Day two with Artsy ️ shopping at HomeGoods
  14. Something so fabulous about the Twist! Love it.
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