Photos of your less than perfect vintage Hermès and share experiences

Posting this here because no one in my actual life understands the way I am simultaneously thrilled and terrified to let this new-to-me vintage croc Pullman out of my sight! But it deserves a spa day, so I just left it with H. I know it’s in the best hands, but why is my heart still palpitating?? Lol
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She’s back!!! And she’s lovely! Before there was some humidity damage or something on the skin (see before close up), and now it’s perfect! And turnaround was really fast! Yay!!! 850523B9-5005-4B64-8386-3C5346785B48.jpeg AE369465-92ED-4C0E-9229-205351863263.jpeg 32121979-9D9B-4609-94AE-8AD56F489981.jpeg