Photos of your less than perfect vintage Hermès and share experiences


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Mar 23, 2009
I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we can post pictures of our less than perfect but much loved Hermes bags and accessories.

Personal commentary on the item is fine.

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This is a 32 cm raisin box leather kelly from 2001 that someone clearly left in the sun for an extended period of time. The bag was closed when it was exposed because you can see how faded it is around the straps and the flaps. The front is multiple shades of the raisin color and it's pretty badly scratched as well.

I get compliments on this bag all the time. The odd reflections of the different colors have actually made it a very striking bag.


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Fantastic idea, Audreylita.

I'm posting a photo of my much loved, and much used (abused, some would say as I do not baby it) 32cm barenia kelly. Barenia is a wonderful leather, but definitely not for those who want pristine bags. Each stain and scratch represents to me another story the bag has to tell. I am definitely not precious with my bags, and can reassure anyone who is afraid of really using their bags that they are much, much stronger and resiliant than they look. Here, the bag is slung on to the back of a paddleboat during an impromptu ride on a lovely summer day out on the pond in Hyde Park.

I love, love LOVE this bag - the beautiful Kelly shape muted by the casual nature of this leather make is a perfect bag for me.


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This is a rouge box leather 32 kelly from 1999. I love the imperfections and the white contrast stitching. I actually sold a beautiful vintage 32 cm red kelly in epsom in near perfect condition because it just didn't have much personality compared with this imperfect baby.

Some of these bags seem to be more beautiful when they're less than perfect. This, for me, is one of them.


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Another great thread to remind me of the good old tpf days. Thanks for starting this, audreylita!

This bag is from 1997, so it is not vintage. Only well-loved and certainly less than perfect :P. Here's my brique boxcalf birkin pre-/post-spa. The scratches are still there, but they have blended into beautiful patina post-spa. The darken handles are now protected.
My first birdie and I have been loving ostrich leather since then. Great in the rain. Corners are worn, handles are darken and her body is discolored... but that's the ways I like her. She is a bag with character.


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My first birdie and I have been loving ostrich leather since then. Great in the rain. Corners are worn, handles are darken and her body is discolored... but that's the ways I like her. She is a bag with character.
Oh wow! I have never really admired ostrich, but this bag might have changed my mind! That's a truly beautiful Birkin!

ETA: Sorry. I chattered. :sad:
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My beloved Barenia Birkin in size 35cm. There is scratches on the gold hardwares and the leather. You can also see some "oil stains" on the leather, most likely were my hand cream from few years back or last year. Handles are darken. I am not really someone who baby handbag but I am aware of not getting the toile fabric dirty. I am quite please with that: ) The front stamp is heated beautifully. She sure is a keeper!


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Hermes jige clutch box leather and in Rouge garrance. To be honest I rarely use it nowadays, It looks funny with car keys inside. Mobile phone and notes are okay. My jige is ageing. Its front stamp is not perfect too.
There must be something about her that I like - Patina, I can see it is there. The patina make the color richer.


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