Petrol Bays Sagging - Help!

  1. Hi All,

    I have just bought a preloved Bayswater in petrol lambskin and I absolutely adore it. However it is really slouchy, which I did expect with this leather.

    My issue is that the top of the bag creases inwards when I pick it up by the handles, it is worse when carried on my shoulder.

    Does anyone have any ideas of how I can fix this please? It is really ruining my enjoyment of the bag!

    Donna x
    IMAG1174.jpg IMAG1175.jpg IMAG1173.jpg
  2. A bag liner would help the body but im not sure if it would help the flap .

    Lovely colour :smile:
  3. Thank you! 😊

    I was considering a bag liner but was thinking the same thing, that it will help the body but not the top!
  4. I have just bought 2 Samorga liners one for my Red Onion Bays which was a bit slouchy and another for a slouchy Alexa. They are really brilliant, not tacky at all, made from thick felt in loads of colours,really compliment the bag. They are made to measure for bays so a really tight fit and give the bag far more structure.

    It will obviously help enormously with the body of the bag and maybe help the flap lay a bit better over a firmer base.

    The flap is the biggest problem, When you store it a piece of cardboard cut to size and placed to line the flap really helps. It will make it look lovely and curved again but expect it will flop when removed. Can't think what else to do there, hope someone has some ideas for you.

    Link to the liners■mulberry-bayswater/
  5. Mulberrygal they look fab, thank you so much, I'm going to order one! In fact I might get one for my Alexa too!

    Great idea with the cardboard, I'll do that!

    Thanks so much for your help! x
  6. Absolutely no help but that colour is STUNNING!!!
  7. Thanks Lizzie! Gorgeous isn't it! :smile:
  8. Hi Donna - petrol is a gorgeous colour! Along with an organiser, you could try tightening the buckles for sides to the tightest. That way there's less of the flap to fall into the bag. I hope that helps :smile:
  9. Thanks cupcake! That's really helpful, I'll give that a try! :smile: x
  10. Cupcake, thank you so much, I tightened the buckles and the flap is sitting much better now!
    I've also ordered a liner so hopefully that will help with the body of the bag!

    Thanks to everyone for your help, much appreciated! I am much happier now! xxxx
  11. Lovely bays stunning colour! Congrats :smile:

  12. Don't forget to post a picture when you've got it.

    I've ordered 3 now, they are brilliant if you are trying to get rid of the saggy look. It also made a huge amount of difference to my Alexa

  13. Don't forget to post a picture when you've got it, be interesting to see the difference.

    I've ordered 3 now, they are brilliant if you are trying to get rid of the saggy look. It also made a huge amount of difference to my Alexa
  14. I'm so pleased that you're happier with your beautiful bays. It's horrible when something takes the enjoyment of using a bag away :rain:

    Another thing I do when I'm not using my bays - with the cardboard tube that you get from the end of a roll of gift wrapping paper, I cut this to size so that it sits comfortably on top of the bays, from one side to the other of the bays, just under the flap. Then when you close the flap, the flap sits nicely on the tube and prevents any new creases when you store your bag away and also gently trains any creases to decrease over time.

    I'd love to see pics once the organiser arrives. I've read so much about the Samorga organisers and I've been meaning to order one since Moo was raving about them last year :lol:
  15. I have that bag and the same problem, I was warned by the sales assistant that the leather as it's lambskin would slouch lots with use, so not to use as an everyday bag. The felt organisers r a great idea and I may give it a good. Glad I read this thread.