Petrol Bays Sagging - Help!

  1. That's such a difference to your bays! As you're in the Uk too & these come from the US, I was just wondering did you get charged import tax too by customs?
  2. Oops I've just seen they come from South Korea, I presume though you'd still be liable for import tax as its all coming from outside the EU or am I wrong about that?
  3. Hi, I have bought two liners from South Korea (Samorga). I haven't had to pay any other extra costs other than delivery. Don't know if that is just luck. Lee at Samorga has to state on the box what is inside and the approx cost. Maybe it is not a big enough cost to warrant import charges.
  4. Wow it has made such a difference! Looks amazing! I can't wait for my liner to arrive now! :smile: x
  5. I have just sent you a pm Mrs B ;)

    I am eagerly awaiting yours too donna, can't wait to see the pics, hopefully not too long to wait now. :biggrin:
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    My liners arrived today! I am absolutely over the moon! They are a really high quality thick felt type material and they make it so much easier to find everything (especially in the bays).

    And the structure they have added is just amazing. I am in love with my bays again, and my Alexa looks gorgeous!

    I've also tightened the bays as suggested as it helps keep the shape definitely.

    Here's my before and after pics.

    I can't thank you ladies enough. I am so glad I posted the question! xxxx

    bays before.jpg

    bays after.jpg

    bays inside.jpg
  7. And my Alexa before and after:
    alexa before.jpg alexa after.jpg alexa inside.jpg
  8. Hurray! They look super. Loving the colour co-ordination with the liners 😀
  9. Thank you! I am so pleased! And the colours are great aren't they, I couldn't believe how close the match is! :smile:
  10. Do the liners make the bag a lot heavier, girls?

  11. They are so great! And make such a difference to the bags. When I showed my mother, she was so impressed I had to order her a couple! 😄

  12. I've noticed a slight increase in the bayswater but I think that's because I'm putting more in it now that I can find everything!
  13. I was going to say the same, the Bayswater feels slightly heavier but not much, it's not really noticeable.
  14. Donna they are fab can you pm me exactly what to ask for size style etc
  15. Lee will be clapping his hands with the extra business. I ordered yesterday too and told him the ladies on here were super impressed with his products.

    The Lexi, is that wine colour as that's what I went for with my BF one?

    It's made the biggest difference to your Lexi. I've seen a few recently that have no structure at all and it makes yours look amazing