Pearls - what's your colour choice?

  1. You ladies all have such beautiful pearls!
  2. Ooh, that does sound like a lovely way to wear them! I don't have any real pearls, yet, but I'm looking for some simple stud earrings, probably 8mm or so, and I'm hoping my parents can bring me back a nice necklace when they go to China at the end of the month!! My dad is really into jewelry and he said he would keep his eyes peeled for good quality at a good price.

    Love the multicolored ones too!!
  3. Freshwater white pearls today.

    I love their uneven shape.

  4. love those 2 together, and your pendant is :drool:
  5. Thanks hunny, I need to speak to you about the "re-model" of this I think.

    P.S. B. D. 2 was as good as the first time I saw it and so was he :roflmfao:
  6. :roflmfao: so wrong, but yet so right! :graucho:
  7. :shame: :yes: :shame: :tup:
  8. The one big problem with white pearls is that there are so many good imitation pearls around (I even see them in the supermarkets!) that no-one knows you are wearing real pearls.
    My preference is for natural colours - probably mixed a bit, with the emphasis on the lavender shades. The blue in the lavender makes the pearls stand out against my pallid sun starved english skin!
  9. I only have white pearls, as in necklace, earrings and bracelet. Maybe because they was purchased to wear with my wedding gown. I am debating for a mikimoto 2-pearl ring but not sure will get a lot use of it, so saved it on my wish list.
  10. is there a noticeable difference between white akoya and white freshwater for luster, orient, does one pearl type feel heavier then the other?
  11. White South Sea Pearls -very versatile you can dress up or down. I also have champagne colored ones for dressier occasions.
  12. My preference is always with white pearls...

    I do own coloured and tahitian pearl strands but I never wear them! I do lend them to my mother with my white strand though- we like to twist it into a kind of torsade with the two strands interwoven since as the white strand helps to bring out the green and peacock tones in the tahitian strand :smile:

    Here's a pic I just snapped- sorry.... left out the tahitian strand but these are a few of the pearls in my collection atm!

    The ones in the middle that are fully drilled:
    AAA Freshwater pearls

    The one earring in the pic for comparison:
    AAA White Metallic Freshwater pearl

    White metallic freshwater, freshadama quality
    Multi-coloured metallic freshwaters, freshadama quality

    Tin-cup Bracelet:
    White baroque south sea pearls
  13. You'll have to get them all and do a comparison for us!!! :graucho: Can't wait to see your new bracelet!
  14. haha I only have 1 freshadama bracelet, 1 akoya (on its way) the single tahitian pearl that you've seen and a drop shaped metallic white freshwater pearl pendant.

    I'll try to post pics! ever since I got windows 8 it's been so difficult to post on TPF, I always get a missing security token message when I post. tried to fix it through vlad's troubleshooting thread...but it didn't work!
  15. I LOVE white metallic pearls! I bought the april special from pearlparadise which was the white metallic drop shape pendant and the luster is so high it's like a mirror! and the orient is beautiful, looks like a rainbow :smile: