Pearls - what's your colour choice?

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    Just curious here ladies and would love to see your pics.

    What's your favourite colour pearl....white, ivory or pink overtone?

    If you own any pieces of jewellery with any of these pearls please post pictures for comparison.

  2. I own some ivory ones set in YG that my MIL gave me years ago, I don't wear them much but IMO there a classic that will never date :smile:
  3. I have and LOVE a blue akoya strand. But the pearls I really want are these...


    They are blue, cream, and white akoyas
  4. I used to wear pearl studs all the time before I got my diamond ones, I have an ivory pair set in 18k white gold which I bought on honeymoon a couple of years ago. I am debating buying another pair from Mikimoto with a pink overtone, when I can afford it, as I think I would prefer those to ivory and wear them more often as an alternative to my diamond studs.
  5. I've got some set in white gold with a diamond stud and yellow gold prong (ear piece), I think they are ivory. They are gorgeous, very classic and IMO pearls are very classy. Will try and put pic on....
  6. I'd love to see the comparison between white and ivory. :smile:
  7. What a lovely gift from your mother in law. I agree they are a classic :smile:
  8. I'm trying to decide whether pearls and yellow gold are nicer than pearls and white might be decided on the overtone of the pearl.....hmmmm :lol:
  9. for white pearls I like a rose overtone, and Tahitian pearls I like cherry or silver overtones :biggrin:
  10. I think I might wear mine tomorrow so I'll post pics...... I completely forgot I had them..... Thanks for reminding me DP
  11. No problem. I'll look forward to the pic. I might wear mine :biggrin:

    I'm trying to load a pic of my studs...
  12. Thanks :smile: Rose gold and white pearls sounds lovely :smile: I will look up the Tahitian pearls. As you know I like the Akoya pearls. :smile:
  13. I also love this one! file-1.jpg
  14. My favorite pearls are Black South Sea (Tahitian), I think they are so enchanting. I particularly love them with rose and peacock overtones.

    I don’t have any white or ivory pearls, but if your ever interested in Tahitian, I could post some pics.