Paula Abdul's Louis Vuitton

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  1. Maybe she had it custom made or maybe it was a runway model like these ones:

  2. Or maybe she belongs in a thread "Why would celebs carry fakes?":lol:
  3. i think it is a fake the leather looks to be patina and the bottom is white.
  4. her smile is always crooked to where it bothers me...not that, that's related to the thread, itself.
  5. It could very well be a fake. Lord knows Paula's so stoned half the time she wouldn't know the difference.
  6. ^lol I agree. She was on the tonight show last year and the woman was so drunk or stoned she could barley speak.
  7. :sick: That's a very sad sad fake. Shame on Paula.
  8. I don't know. I just don't believe that celebrities carry fake handbags.
  9. just an FYI: that's not something to go by when looking at fakes/reals though.. cuz you can always get certain parts fixed/replaced. like buying a used speedy and the piping is patina'ed but getting the handles completely replaced and they'll be white.
  10. Actually a lot of celebrities have been known to carry fakes. In fact Lindsey Lohan was photographed this month in a few magazines carrying a fake monogram bag. Other's pictured with fakes are Paris Hilton, Nikki Hilton, Victoria Beckham, and many many more.:cool:
  11. That is very true.
  12. Then could be vintage. MyPoupette has something like that on that quiz on the site (which sadly,doesn't display your results anymore), and I always get it wrong because I think it's a fake. But it actually isn't and was just one that isn't produced anymore so it's hard to authenticate. For example, my mom has a very large Ellipse shoulder bag, which isn't produced anymore so it's raised a few eyebrows, but it's definitely real.
    Anyway For all we know, Paula bought (or special ordered) that bag in her singing career days.
  13. I really like those run way purses...
  14. me too... the runway purses....