PARIS tips - questions - advice!

  1. Can anyone advise on getting pre-paid data plan for my ipad? i will be in France for 5weeks+ and i need to get data plan for my ipad , i know Orange has it, but i dont know how much does it cost and where to get it? I usually uses roaming data but this trip is way too long to be using roaming as it will cost a bomb! Thank you very much.
  2. Anyone have any tips on Paris for someone who just wants to relax there? I'm the assistant for a study abroad trip in Russia right now & I have a week in Paris to relax afterwards. I'm going to be completely museum-ed & tour group-ed out. Plus the week after I get back from Paris I'm doing a road trip of the West Coast of the U.S., so I'm going to be saving my tourist-y energy for that.

    I'm interested in cafes, places to get a good glass of wine & read, and interesting book shops. Maybe some cool farmers markets or flea markets if I do get the urge to wander.

    I want it to be a very chill trip.
  3. I think walking is quite relaxing in Paris as long as you stay out of the most touristy areas and it's not too hot. Or simply find a calm spot to read outside. =) The 14th and 15th as well as the less touristic parts of the 7th, the 10th and 11th arrondissements, should be less crowded and you'd be able to find some "hidden gems" there, like the observatoire de Paris. the 12th isen't that interesting perhaps, but continuing from porte dorée to towards the lake and parc on the way to the bois de vincennes is a great spot for a pic nic and a nice walk.

    Other green areas that shouldn't be too overcrowded are buttes de chaumont, the forest around the former chateau de st cloud, bois de vincennes / bologne (but beware, certain areas of these places are to be avoided because they're mostly frequented by prostitutes and their customers, allthough I suppose the same is true for certain areas of any other parc as well, even the tuileries... =/). My favourite for a walk would be the promenade plantee, it makes you forget you're even in a city somehow. Also the below viaduc des arts makes for some of the most interesting shopping/window shopping in paris IMO.

    The biggest market is the puces at clignancourt, but they are usually very crowded in summer and look out for pickpockets as well! In parts, it's more of a high end antique market than a traditional flea market. Various other markets appear frequently across the city in each arrondissemet. For food markets I would simply check the local info. I'm sure there are local markets especially for books too depending on where you stay.
    Other than that you can find a number of second hand book shops in the area around the centre pompidou and the Gibert Jeunes at st michel square sell a mix of second hand and new books. =)

    There are so many places to go to eat and as long as you avoid the most obvious spots, it's very easy to find great places for food in Paris.:p
    Cafe visits that probably would not require 20 minutes in a line before getting in, I would recommend JP Hevin in rue st Honoré, prunier at Place Madéleine, le kong if only for the view, the restaurant at petit palais, any of the frères costes restaurants, l'altro in rue dragon...

    In general I would go for a glass of wine and not the coffe as in general, the coffe is often not very good in Paris and dont expect them to know how to properly make any of the italian varieties that have made it to to the rest of the world (like if they serve a proper cappucino without whipped cream you're probably in a touristic place or in a place run by italians).

    I hope you have a wonderful relaxing time in Paris. =)

  4. Was the Edouard VII all booked?

    there's also the louvre hotel which may be in your price range i believe...

    ( The opera is very safe at night ;) )
  5. anyone can help me with this? =(
  6. Hi, Just curious to know if anybody has any good deal sites for the Eurostar from London to Paris? Or am I better off booking from the actual Eurostar website?

  7. I believe the cheapest (and only way) you can book is via the official Eurostar website. 69 GBP is the lowest fare if booked in advance.
  8. you can book through
    you can find really cheap fares for non refundable tickets, especially if you re a senior or under 26
  9. ^The discounts you get via SNCF don't apply to the Eurostar, which is a privately owned company. They only work for the government funded train lines in Europe like TGV, ICE/Deutsche Bahn, SBB etc. The pricing on any other third-party page will be linked to the Eurostar database, so you might as well just book via Eurostar. If anything goes wrong, it's easier to deal with Eurostar directly.
  10. Thanks for your help slky.
    I booked my eurostar round trip yesterday! So excited!
  11. Agree no dinner cruises, just the bateaux mouche cruise at sunset.
  12. It's really enjoyable reading all the great posts here. Thanks for all the great tips. I have a question for the experts here: What do you think of bringing a big size (over 70 cm) suitcase to shop at Hermes and Chanel straight from the airport? Does the shops offer service to temporarily store luggage? I was wondering what difference does it makes between going to these shops right in the morning when they just open versus later during the day (with the wish of scoring a birkin/kelly :blush:). I will be landing Paris at 6:30am next week and my apartment personnel will not be ready to meet me and take care of my luggage until 10:30am. I wonder if it's worth the hassle to drag my big four-wheeled suitcase around by taxi or I should just settle down first and start the shopping spree at noon :confused1:? Any suggestions and tips are greatly appreciated :salute:. Thank you all in advance :ty:
  13. ^ I would settle down and then go - H receives shipments in the morning but also in the afternoon so you'd be in time for those..
  14. I'm the wrong person to talk you out of it. I did it two years ago and haven't been happier!
  15. Yeah, I booked my Paris apt and am going next May. I haven't been in 15 years and am excited to read everyone's suggestions.