PARIS tips - questions - advice!

  1. I and my DH will go to Paris in July and be wondering :confused1: where is the recommended area where you think Hermes would be well stocked? :graucho: !! Or if you can be specific, please tell us the hotel. I do appreciate your kind help!:yes::heart: ...
  2. Hotel Prince De Galles and next door neighbour L'Hotel George V are across the street from Hermes on Ave. Georges V.
  3. As long as you keep to the arrondissements 1, 2, 6, 7 or 8 you should be fine.
  4. Thank you very much moto and Liberte. I do appreciate your suggestion and hope that I can book online!
  5. Sofitel Faubourg is literally around the corner from 24 FSH. Hotel de Crillon is about a block away, and is considered one of the grande dames of hotels in Paris (has a 2 Michelin star restaurant – yummy!).
  6. oh i agree with Roxane....if you are in the mood for splurges then Hotel de Crillon is great!
  7. ^^^ The DH has corporate rates at Hotel de Crillon that are substantially lower than Sofitel Faubourg's internet rates! :wtf:

    It is definitely worth checking to see what you or your DH has in terms of corporate rates.
  8. I'll check ... thank you so much, Roxane, luxlover!
  9. I like staying in the 6th, it is just so nice for walking around and hanging out. It is easy to get to the mothership by subway. Easy to get anywhere, really, by subway....
  10. Hmmm ... I think anywhere would be fine; surprised the 16th isn't on the list. Passy is beautiful and much calmer.

    I'd rec the Georges V, too. Adj to the Champs, too.
  11. We loved staying in the 7em near the Ecole Militaire metro station. We stayed at the Hotel Le Tourville <>. It's a small, boutique hotel and very attractive. We loved the neighborhood - Fauchon right around the corner, lots of charming shops, great neighborhood restaurants. And of course, the Eiffel Tower is just a couple of blocks away. I always prefer staying in neighborhoods, rather than in the luxury hotel district - so much more interesting. Also, the amazing Rue Cler, a street full of fabulous food vendors, is just a couple of blocks away. It's very easy to get to anywhere in Paris from the Ecole Militaire metro stop. Save your money for Hermes!
  12. Where is the Hotel Galileo located amoungst all this? TIA!:flowers:
  13. Witwit,

    If you are looking for a mid-priced in a great neighborhood and with great Metro access, you may want to look into the Hotel K+K Cayre on the Blvd. Raspail in the 6th. The famed Blvd. St. Germain is around the corner and the Rue du Bac Metro is across the street. It's not as nice as the Hotel Crillon but it suits us well and Room 512 has a great view of Sacre Coeur in the distance.

    Would not recommend the Golden Tulip Little Palace in the 2nd. It was a beautiful hotel but the area was kind of scary at night.

    If I may be so bold to ask - Is this your first trip to Paris?
  14. I'm enjoying the tips! I'm also trying to plan my hotel now for my stay in April.
  15. I am going in March during fashion week with a very good friend of mine. We are so looking forward to the fabulous shopping and of course, Hermes. I plan to spend a few hours in the H store..:supacool: Maybe I can talk DH into letting me bring home a new bag:nuts:..I'll have to try real hard:sweatdrop: