Papillon 30 or Rosewood Blvd?

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  1. I was completely sold on the Pap 30.... and then I saw her:love:... the Rosewood Boulevard. Hello, gorgeous! So now I ask myself.... which is a better bag? The RB seems to fit much better under the arm based upon pix in the clubhouse. Shoulder carry (or at least the option to do so) is a must.

    Opinions? I'm looking for a great bag to add to my collection. Is the WC Pap "the one" or am I going to doll it up with the Amarante Vernis Rosewood? Which will age better? Which is more durable? More useful? More fabulous? :smile:

    Thank you!!!
  2. The WC Papillon would be one to consider as it's LE whereas the Rosewood Blvd is available all year around, especially since the Amarante colour is so new. So for this reason alone, I'd go for the WC Papillon.
  3. I like your logic... you are suggesting I enjoy one now and grab the other later. Not a bad idea. I keep reading lots of 'almost negative' feedback on the papillons... and they seem to have lower quality hardware.
  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my pomme rosewood

  5. Beljwl, yours was one of the pix I was drooling over in the Rosewood club! Thanks for weighing in on my decision! :smile:

    I think I just answered my own question... the Papillon arrived today and as cute as that WC pattern is... I'm just not in love with the bag. You just know it right away, and I just wasn't feeling the LoVe. :smile:

    Time for a Rosewood!!!
  6. I think the Pap will probably carry more things than the rosewood. It all depends on what you plan to use the bag for. If you want to use it as an everyday bag and throw a bunch of things in there, I may go with the pap 30. But then again, I may be partial to the pap, as I own the damier pap 30. :love:
  7. Go for the Rosewooooood !
  8. Yay Rosewood! Show us a pic when you get it!!
  9. w/c 30
  10. Papillon gets my vote.
  11. Hello Franki;)! I vote for RB, Pap 30 can only be hand-carried. I tried to put it under my arm and it got squashed and it didn't look nice to me.
    BUT...IMHO, here are my votes:

    Q: Which will age better? A: Probably Pap 30, it is canvas, last forever
    Q: Which is more durable? A: Same as above
    Q: More useful? A: Rosewood Boulevard, holds more than Pap 30
    Q: More fabulous? A: Probably the same, BUT the color on Rosewood is :drool::drool::drool: BEAUTIFUL!!!

    p.s. Glad you found something else to lust after Berk! :P:lol:

  12. I agree!!
    Vernis is always a good choice - those bags are just too chic.
  13. YOU are all SUCH good divas for answering so thoroughly!

    Yes, Vernis has stolen my heart. First Damier... now Vernis. (What's next?!?):drool::drool:

    The Pap was STUNNING, but just didn't quite fit my style. I've decided I'm a Rosewood girl. I kid you not I never gave that bag a second glance until I joined the vernis forum. Big mistake! Saw some fabulous modeling pix in there and knew I was in LoVe!

    Thank you all sooo much. I will post modeling pix once I score one in delicious Amarante! :smile:
  14. YAY!!!! Rosewood!!!
  15. cant wait for the pretty rosewood!!