Papillon 30 or Rosewood Blvd?

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  1. The Rosewood is Very Chic
  2. i love my amarante rosewood!! it's an easier bag to use IMO than my bedford (which is like a papillon). plus amarante is just must-have!! :yes:

  3. sweetneet, LOOK at your photo!:drool::love::drool::love::drool:

    Goodness! I must have the Cles too!
  4. Rosewood get my vote :P
  5. I have to say I was in the Rosewood Clubhouse this morning deciding if the Rosewood would be my first vernis bag (in amarante - of course) and I think it's a beauty! I just think it might be around awhile though. I'd try to be as sure as you can that you aren't going to start lusting after the WC Papillon after you return it... It's LE and probably only one shot. I think they are both beautiful though, and you can't really go wrong either way.
  6. Rosewood is sooooooo sexy!
  7. ITA... Rosewood is a hot bag. I really did think about it before I returned the WC Pap... If I'd had my hands on a Speedy I'd certainly have kept it. But the Pap just wans't "perfect" for me. That Rosewood (while not LE) seems like a great bag. Maybe it doesn't compare to the uniqueness of the WC Pap... but I think I'll use it more.
  8. Ohh, hard choice! Both are pretty bags, but I would go for Rosewood.
  9. It's here!!!! This was definitely the right bag for me. She's much roomier than I'd anticipated. And STUNNING. I'm completely hooked on Vernis now. Look out world!:wlae::wlae:

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  10. They are both great bags. I would have to choose the WC Papillon 30 since it's gorgeous and LE. You can always get the Rosewood Blvd. later.
  11. yay! Congrats Franki! She's a truly gorgeous little thing, isn't she? That Amarante is delectable!! Beautiful bag! Vernis is just an amazing, amazing line. I love just everything in there. Congrats on your new beauty! enjoy!
  12. she looks great, awesome choice!
  13. Thank you so much, everyone! I know it seems silly to choose a rosewood over a LE bag like the lovely WC Pap.... but I know without a doubt that i made the right decision. Granted... it would have been ideal to have BOTH, but I didn't have the luxury of that option right now ;)
  14. Congrats, glad that you found the right bag for you. The Amarante is TDF. My next Vernis bag would be an Amarante.
  15. I don't blame you MatAllston! It is drool worthy, baby!