Papillon 30 or Rosewood Blvd?

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  1. I love your amarante rosewood. It's gorgeous! I love this color. Congrats!
  2. i have both the rosewood pomme and the WC papillon 30! :yahoo:

    my hb bought for me the rosewood pomme (that time the WC papillon 30 hasnt launched yet) and after that the WC papillon 30. :heart:

    if i were to choose and i will choose to buy the WC papillon 30 bcos its a limited edition bag and once the spring/summer season is over you cant buy it anymore! wherelse, the rosewood is available throughout the whole seasons. you can buy it anytime! :yes:

    both bags are not bad. :smile:
  3. oooh! LV Bags Lover, you are one lucky girl! That's fabulous!

    Petunia, thank you SO much. It has instantly become my favorite bag!
  4. Delicious choice. As much as I love the papillon, the 30 is a bit bulky to not be able to comfortably put on your shoulder. So, I think you made a superb selection.
  5. nice, I'm glad you got the rosewood, I don't really like the shape of the papillon
  6. I feel good about it as well. The pap was adorable... but looked too large for me. Although now I have a clear case of Amarante Vernis addiction ;)
  7. Glad you got the Rosewood!
  8. Personally I don't like anything Vernis for LV so I say go with Pappillon.
  9. i just added a little sister... the cosmetique pochette. cute! MaddieDoll, I felt the same way 6 months ago. And then I really fell for amarante vernis. Completely changed my mind.

    thanks, Calya!
  10. Not a fan of Barrel bags at all, the only exception would be the Epi Soufflot and WC Pap. Other than that, I would go for the Rosewood.
  11. Wc pap!!! My great looooove!
  12. i would go with the rosewood just because it seems easier to get things in and out of the bag. and the pomme is such an eye-catching color! don't think you can go wrong with that! have fun deciding!