~Pandora Essence Collection Thread~

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  1. image.jpeg I've been bad. I got yet again, another silver Essence charm. This time, the Respect charm to balance out the other side of my Prosperity/aventurine. I guess I needed all of my current Essence bracelets to be in 3's. This means I need one more silver charm to match my silver Freedom charm and the Peace/lapis lazuli when I eventually get that. And a 4th bracelet to house those 3 charms... Not to mention all of the regular Moments pieces I still want/need too. :nuts::shocked::angel::lol::graucho::whut:
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  2. Wow I have never seen this Respect charm, and it's so pretty! I should stop coming to this thread. :lol: I see something new I'd like to have every time.
    So, do you plan to wear all 4 bracelets together?
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  3. I know right? I never planned to get the silver Respect bead myself. I never really noticed it before because it's discontinued, but I was able to find one at a great deal. I needed it once I saw it. Haha. I also can't stop thinking about that smokey quartz Compassion charm you shared with us. Ugh. I should stop viewing these Pandora forums myself. If and when I get my 4th bracelet, I'd probably split them up, and wear 2 on each wrist. I am also okay with just 3 all on one wrist.
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  4. Yeah, I think up to three on one wrist would be OK, it wouldn't be too crowded. If I wear too many bracelets at once I always feel I'm not giving them enough opportunity to stand out and be noticed on their own.
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  5. My new purchase...
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  6. My new purchase along with my Pandora bangle bracelet...
  7. Do the essence bracelets stretch very much after a year if you only wear 3-4 charms on them?
  8. I was told by a Pandora saleslady they shouldn't stretch at all when worn with a small number of charms.
    Wow MrsTGreen, that bracelet looks so cool, you got all three mother of pear charms! I'll probably only get the grey one.
  9. @MrsTGreen, that is beautiful!

    I love the pearl Essence charms, old and new.
  10. @iVALANI, I've been bad. I looked all over for a new Compassion charm, found one, and it will be sent my way now. Hurray! Lol
  11. Oops. When I meant "new," I meant an unused retired one. That pretty smokey quartz one you had me lusting over. :smile:
  12. Oh Leslie, you're so lucky, that one is gorgeous! :heart: I can't wait to see how you style it.
  13. This is my first post, not sure how to upload pics but here goes :smile: I love this collection because it looks great stacked
    with dainty bracelets.
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  14. IMG_9038.JPG
    I think I'll actually keep it with the lemon quartz and hold off on the lapis lazuli for awhile. I loooove her.

    Lovely stack s@r@h!
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  15. Wow Leslie, it looks great, I love how well it goes with the lemon quartz!
    You can wait with the lapis, bc as far as I know, it's not retired yet, so you have time.
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