~Pandora Essence Collection Thread~

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  1. My first essence bracelet. [​IMG]

    I'm debating whether or not to get the bangle. The 18 is too small but 20 might be a bit big. The same problem I had with the moments bangles. *sigh*
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  2. Does anyone have the essence necklace? I purchased the dignity (pearl) essence bead and was thinking that the necklace with the same charm may look really nice along with the bracelet:smile:
  3. I don't have the necklace but I imagine it would look gorgeous with the pearl Dignity charm.
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  4. BUMP!
  5. Thanks for the bump.
    There are first images of the Essence Spring collection on Mora Pandora, some cute charms there including first ever dangle charms for Essence.
  6. I'm still not sure about the Essence line. Because they are so dainty, I feel like it's the kind of thing that I'd have to stack at least two....

    They are so expensive for that!
  7. My Pandora essence of the day

    Attached Files:

  8. Wow, what a goregous stack!
    LaAgradecida, that's what I thought before I bought my Essence bracelet and they do look better stacked but I love mine so much and wear it quite often even though it's all alone at the moment. I definitely plan buying at least one more though.
  9. My Essence collection. Really like how dainty this line is and how well the bracelets stack together :amuse:

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  10. Does anyone know if Essence charms fit the leather bracelets?
  11. No they are like the moments bracelets
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    Does anyone have any of the new charms? I Would love to see them! I'd also love to see one of the cord bracelets!
  13. I always wanted to get an Essence collection but for some reason I never did while my normal bracelet collection keeps growing. How would you compare wearing it everyday to a normal bracelet? Is it lighter and comfortable? Thanks.
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  14. IMG_0351.JPG
    I wear my essence everyday lately. I find it very light and comfortable. My other pandoras and other bracelets are neglected. Need more arms because the other wrist usually has a jade bangle on it. Here's my essence.
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  15. Lighter, and much more comfortable. I think it looks more work appropriate at my office job too, as it looks more dainty.