~Pandora Essence Collection Thread~

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  1. Beautiful collection! My local boutique is having a sale and I decided to pop in today. Ended up purchasing the essence beaded bracelet (which unfortunately wasn't on sale) and the Positivity charm (which was 50% off and the last piece they have! Lucky me)

    So here it is! My first venture into the Pandora essence collection. Thanks for letting me share:smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467389184.685290.jpg
  2. image.jpeg Love your essence bracelets!
    I have a few charms but seem to have settled on wearing just these three. I just love the "old world" look of the open work type ones!
  3. Wow, positivity is so pretty! A great charm to start your collection with.

    Yes they are, so intricate and detailed, they look like lace, I love that.
  4. Thank you! And now I can't wait for the fall collection. I would love to add balance to my collection! The mother of pearl looks so pretty
  5. Does anyone have friendship. It looks pinky opalescent

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  6. No and I don't think I've ever seen it in person. On the pics online it looks pretty cool.
  7. @Caz71, it's a gorgeous charm, but I don't have that one. I like the baby blue one too, forgot what that one symbolizes.

    @Molly0, it's lovely! Great choice in charms. ;)

    @tinkerella, the positivity charm is really nice! I wish they had a "unity" charm so I could spell out Positivity, Love, Unity and Respect. Lol.
  8. I've been debating wether Essence is a good style for me or not, since they are so dainty.

    For those that have them, do you wear one bracelet alone? Or do you stack them?

    I just wonder if two of them stacked would look sloppy in real life as opposed to a static photo shot where the two are positioned in a less messy way?

    If anyone has more pics, I'd like to see them!
  9. I have one Essence bracelet which I wear with 4 charms. I plan to get at least one more bracelet and when I do, I'll wear them stacked, I think that's a great look. It will not look as neat as in the pics, it never does, but since the Essence bracelets are quite thin and gentle, it never looks too flashy, in my opinion.
  10. I stack my essence w my moments bangle that has 4 charms on it :smile: I think it's a very minimalistic look. I don't recommend stacking the essence with moments bracelets that are too full as I feel that the latter may overwhelm the former.

    Two essence bracelets stacked together looks good in my opinion! It may not be as neat as pictures like ivalani mentioned but because the essence charms are uniform in size I think it's still pretty alright!
  11. Just found this thread & love seeing everyone's Essence! Here's mine IMG_1470133045.703186.jpg
  12. I just purchased a new essence beaded bracelet with 3 charms! Does anyone notice that the charms move much easier on the beaded bracelet than on the snake(?) bracelet
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  13. Here is a picture of my new bracelet! :smile:
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  14. I suppose that's to be expected bc of the tiny beads... So once you put the charms on you should only remove them for cleaning.
    Your bracelet is wonderful. :heart: I also love the old compassion charm, the smoky quartz one. Maybe I'll find it somewhere before they completely remove it from all their stores.
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  15. Thank you! I don't think I've ever seen the old compassion!