Paging Chloe shoe owners...

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  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows how this shoe runs...
    Any advice would be helpful! :flowers:


    pic Saks
  2. My guess is TTS. Two of the Chloe foot wear run 1/2 size smaller. They are the cross front sandal, where the cross front's leather straps are really wide. All my other shoes run TTS; so out of 8 pairs of Chloe's two ran small?

    Hope that helps?
  3. Hi, I usually am on the hermes forum, but today I bought my two pairs of Chloè shoes (I will try to post pics tomorrow, sorry, but I have technical problems..)

    This shoes are with a little locket in the front. Both pairs. One is black and is open on the back and the otherone is silver and open in the front.

    I am wondering if you find Chloè shoes confortable and get some impressions :smile:
  4. I am interested in getting the Chloe flats with the c buckle! Do they run TTS or would I need larger? These are on ebay and there are no returns!
  5. Out of all my Chloe shoes the boots by far are a dream to wear. The shoes are a bit more challenging at first. Yoox has the chunky gold tone heeled sandal that has the cross over leather straps. I bought them a half a size larger and they were fabulous from the get go.

    My Paddington sandals (also from Yoox) fits tts, however they cut into my toes. They get better with each wear. My mules were a dream from the get go, but the cross over wedges took allot of wear before comfort was experienced.

    I do not have a pair of pumps. My guess is that they'll feel good up front, especially if the leather is on the soft side. If there is no platform and the heels are 4 inches or taller, I would recommend a half size larger than what you normally wear.
  6. here they are :yes:

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  7. Oooh, they are adorable! So cute! :heart:
  8. Thank you! They are very soft! I never got anything from Chloè before:smile:
  9. Ooh, really? They sound amazing too!

    Hmm...I never thought the shoes might feel as nice as the bags....maybe I should go have a look at some Chloe shoes now? hehe. Stupid credit limit, wish it was bigger, I want more things! :P

  10. In some way the shoes edge out my purse lust. The shoes are like purses for your feet!!!!!!:nuts:
  11. I have never even SEEN this style with a lock on the vamp. I would eat it up with a spoon if they were in my size. They are just fabulous!
  12. Just noticed those shoes have little locks, OMG tooo cute!!
  13. OHH yes :yes:
    This is why I am so in love with them!! I just had to buy those shoes when I saw them. :yahoo:
  14. Who is selling these cuties?
  15. I bought them in Rome (Italy)....