Paging Chloe shoe owners...

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  1. I know some of you Chloe lovers have Chloe shoes, as well. Would it trouble you guys to post pictures of the shoes you have? How do they fit? Do they run large or small? Are they comfortable? I'm new to Chloe shoes, so any info would be great.

    Thanks! :nuts:
  2. oooh yes,

    I have these ones that are completely true to size
    these are me wearing them :smile:

    and I have these boots which I went up a size (I tend to do this with all Chloe boots)

    and these are my paddy boots, again, I went a size bigger

    oddly though last years ones with the wedge and the tie fronts, came up really large, so I had to go down a size.

    Sorry, I know its not helpful but it goes to show how much the chloe shoe sizing varies!! :biggrin:
  3. oh, and have to add - all shoes I have owned have been incredibly comfortable too :biggrin:
  4. I love my Chloe shoes! Of all my heels they are hands-down the most comfortable shoes ever.

  5. Thank you both, chloe-babe and hmwe! :nuts: Both of your shoes are beautiful! I'm eyeing the paddington loafer shoes in off-white or wine :love: I can only find a 39.5, so I'm wondering if they will fit. I'm usually a 40 in European sizing, but wear a US 9. Go figure :Push:

    Hmm, what to do. I wonder if it will be worth it to get them.
  6. here are some older ones from 04 w/ my silverado. I went a 1/2 size up
    here are my other heels w/ a tan paddy I used to have.... these are true to size
    Both are very comfy!
  7. I don't feel like taking a picture right now:smile:. But, in terms of sizing, I had to go up a size in the Paddington mocs.
  8. Ooops! I meant a 1/2 size! And, yes, they are comfy. . .
  9. I :heart: all your stuff!!!
  10. I have these sandals and boots.


    I am usually a 37 (or even less) in sandals and a 37.5 - 38 in boots.

    The sandals are a 38 (they had sold out in the 37 and the 37.5), so they are really too big for me, although, I've worn them, anyway (with the back of the heel catching, dangerously, on stairs! :shocked: )! :biggrin: Unfortunately, for me, I would say that they run a little large, anyway, though.

    The boots are a 37.5 and I would say, pretty true to size. :yes:

    They are comfortable, but not the most comfortable I've worn. For example, the sandals don't have padded soles, like most Jimmy Choos do.
  11. Love those sandals!
    They don't have padding? How can they by comfortable? :confused1: Comfort is very important to me. I can't stand around more than an hour in uncomfortable shoes.
  12. ^ Thank you, leanbeanee! :flowers:

    Nope, no padding.

    Although, the sole is, obviously, leather, so it isn't hard; it's just not cushioned.

    It's definitely more comfortable (but less durable) than a hard, synthetic sole, though. :yes:
  13. Oh. I love the boots too! Can't ignore those! Must have Chloe boots!!! Does anyone have the Prince boots? Has anyone seen it on sale???
  14. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My chloè shoes with my b.bags
  15. Here is my picture:yes:

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