Outlet Spy Pics!

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  1. Same. Well, I want to be there for more than just the outlets. I always wanted to visit Disney Springs, too. And Disneyworld. Hehe.
  2. Ditto. Feel ya.
  3. I will neverrrrrrrr drive to FL again. Lololol
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  4. Went to the Aurora Outlet store in OH yesterday and they actually had a great selection of deletes including Rogues! 70/20 on some items and I had a coupon for another 20 off of $200. I had so much fun...…………..
  5. Wow!! I've stopped going because that never have anything. So just how much fun did you have? Pics on what you bought please!
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  6. I was there yesterday, too! They had an unusually good selection :smile:
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  7. Lucky!!!
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  8. I was there on Sat night and they had more than they usually do. Lots of 1941 clutches (dark denim, lots of black ones), a few rogues (nude pink, slate blue), a rogue tote in bordeaux, a rogue 39 in ivy that I returned months ago....I can't remember what else.
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  9. Ugh, I wish they had that link wallet at my outlets! It would match my link duffle perfectly! :doh:
  10. Thanks for continuing to post about Rosemont, so I know what's going on! This one is closer to me but sometimes it seems that Aurora has a better selection of deletes :smile: I plan to go to one of the outlets this weekend to do some returns, but I bet everything is picked over and back to 60% off by then, lol.
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  11. Friend of mine went Sunday to rosemont. We did FaceTime and there was a fair selection of SLGs. Only a few rogues in rose, beechwood, slate as well as other deletes. Picked up a few wallets for Christmas presents.
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  12. Here is my fabulous haul from Sunday!!! I added many charms to my collection some I paid as low as $8.00 !!!!! Outlet stuff 001.JPG Outlet stuff 002.JPG
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  14. Omg, I love your beautiful denim tearose Dinky!! :loveeyes:
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  15. I'm supposed to be heading to the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot on Thursday before a flight home, and I'm not sure if I want to try and hit the outlets before that as well!
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