Outlet Spy Pics!

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  1. Oh how I wish someone can order those rogue tote for me...
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  2. I had a black one and some others and sold quite a while ago. It frustrates me when coach moves boutique styles to outlet. So happy this was original!
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  3. Can you imagine if Coach outlets had someone taking phone orders?! I love those totes as well!
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  4. A5FC05CE-330E-41CA-8AA0-732D765972EE.jpeg
    My memory has failed me, which bag is this one?
  5. Thank you! I don't remember a Grace looking like that, must have missed that one.
  6. That whole back wall behind that lady in my second pic was retail stuff as well. I couldn't believe how much retail stuff they had this time. The SAs know me well, so they directed me to it the minute I walked in the door. One SA even brought out a bin of retail scarves for me to browse. I bought a little skinny scarf to wrap around the handle of my new Rogue.
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  7. Honestly I always wonder how much this amount of discounted inventory impacts their bottom line especially now that Tapestry has taken over the three brands: Coach, Kate Spade, Stuart Weitzman. Would love to know the unit cost of the different retail items or maybe not.....
  8. Orlando had so much variety today. Cadet and Sage Masons, callie clutches in patchwork and ombre snakeskin, frame bags, rivet duffles, blue, pink and racing car rogue 30's, blue and olive rivet rogue 25's, sequin foldover clutches, harmony hobos, shadows, exotic saddle bags, denim tea rose, rivet and metallic dinkys, snakeskin and link dinkier, edie 42 and 28, tons of 1941 clutches, small and large trifold wallets, accordion card cases, ombre and black tea rose charms, etc. I know I'm forgetting some but there was soooo much.

    I brought home way more than I planned to, but (yes it's early) I was already thinking Christmas. Plus I did a found order for myself and Mom- I put some #'s on my list this am and didn't think anything would be available, but I got everything on my list! I now am wondering why I ordered some FP bags yesterday....
  9. Wow!
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  10. Right Christmas will soon be around the corner. Glad you were able to get so many deals. Maybe it is best I am not local lol
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  11. Wish i was in Orlando now
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  12. Not heading to Chicago until mid September but may need to send one of my friends over to checkout these deals. thanks for sharing!!
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  13. They had your rider bags too! It's always fun to see what variety they have because I always forget about certain bags. Of course the one by Disney on Vineland had the better selection. The cashier grabbed a 1941 dustbag for every one of my items w/o me even asking. Love their customer service!
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  14. TPF road trip?. :smile:
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