Orange bags

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  1. What do you think? New classic or quick-to-pass trend?

    I've seen several that are very nice, and not too Halloween-y in color...just wondering if you'd shy away from a bag in this color or buy if it's the right bag.
  2. LV has a bright orange in the epi leather. It's really popular but not for me. I shy away from orange...don't know why I just do. It's not my color.:weird:
  3. Yes, the Epi was one of the ones I've seen lately, and saw some MJ's in a nice orange yesterday.

    It's such a happy color, but I'd think it would probably look best when worn with neutrals like beige and gray.
  4. I was just looking at Orange bags on Ebay today. :P

    I like orange, I tend to wear orange tanks and tees occasionally; but, am not sure about an orange handbag??
  5. I have a mandarin noe and I love it. I got it last year and really just wear it for summer. i get so many compliments on it. It is a happy color! It's a gorgeous orange. but the leather is lux. so it doesn't look brash. and that epi wears like iron!!
  6. i tend to shy away from oranges, reds, and pinks when it comes to handbags... i dont know why i love these colors in other things but i just dont think i can pull it off so *shrugs* i dont bother. but i do think it is just a quick passing trend.
  7. Where is the pic? I didn't see the pic?:weird:
  8. I stick to brown, black, and winter white. I should learn to branch out and realize there many other colors in the rainbow! I purchased a red Coach 5 years ago and its still in the closet. Probably Ebay would be a good place for it.
  9. Here's an example of the LV epi in orange, and an MJ satchel (saw a Blake in this color at Nordstroms yesterday).

  10. I love the mandarin color of the LV Epi line. I'd love a Speedy 30. I tend to wear a lot of neutral-colored clothing to work, so I like bright handbags that stand out.
  11. Love that Botkier color! Is that a new color for Spring?
  12. The Elux picture doesn't do the mandarin justice. I LOVE the mandarin color. here's probably a better picture to show how beautiful it is in sunlight:

  13. Yes! Sorry about the huge photo. :shame: I've taken it off and added the link instead.
  14. I see thanks pseub!
    I always wonder about that too. I guess it depends on the style of the bag. If it is classic epi satchel, it probably nice to have this colour as one of my collection imo. But than I probably compare again with other colour so my mind could change. First I think you have to really like the colour and in your mind that colour is the one that you must have. Second you def know you will enjoy wearing it. The colour is def. classic and it will be there forever. If I was going to buy the madarin colour bag I will def. go with LV epi on the speedy 30. :biggrin: