Orange bags

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  1. I think orange is a great color....but again, this will depend on which shade. I think it has an underestimated value in its ability to match outfits! I just discovered this with my new orange bag:biggrin:

    It adds brillance and life to the everyday!
  2. i know i am supposed to talk about orange!! but i havent seen anyone close with an orange bag..
    Yet :nuts: what i remember last year a friend of mine got a coach large leather bag in warm yellow.. and i completely loved it :love: though i hate both yellow and orange and what ever relates to them!! yet i thought that yellow tone was a classic..:biggrin:
  3. i have the orange suede drawstring from burberry's fall collection- it really is a great color, and goes with more than you would think!
  4. I saw this bag....very nice color!

  5. I have an old Kate Spade dark orange/red purse that has been a great accent piece, especially with jeans or other dark colors--I don't really wear much in terms of the earthtones... I just ordered the BV ball bag in dark orange. I'm hoping I'll fall in love with it since it's time to replace the Kate Spade.

    I have a turquoise blue (Spearmint) MJ and I just realized that with the BV, I'm going to look like a Miami Dolphins fan! Hahaha.
  6. Love Love LOVE that orange from burberry! I like the bright green too!

    Epi Mandarin is my favorite epi color. Sadly, I do not have a mandarin piece yet...but I'm working on fixing that! I just need an epi bag that appeals to me.
  7. I think it's more of a seasonless classic.
  8. I won't mind getting a orange epi
  9. It's funny you say that, because I have an aqua KS wallet that I use in the summer, and when I pair it with the orange noe, it reminds me of the Miami Dolphins too. :lol: :lol:
  10. Tods has a few tangerine/orange bags that are beautiful. I also love the Epi tangerine as well. If I were to purchase another bag in the near future, it would be that color.
  11. So if you have a choice of an MJ Blake in either the orange or the black (both have gold hardware), which would you choose?
  12. \

    MMmmm I would get the orange, but I personally just don't spend much money on black bags, plus I don't like gold hardware on black bags. Plus that MJ orange bag is gorgeous are you thinking about getting it Pseub?
  13. I LOVE my Blake MJ. I would recommend the orange. It's very pretty and not at all too Halloween-y. The gold hardware really warms up the bag too. I think the black quilted Blake is pretty with the gold hardware, but if it's between "regular" leather black vs. orange.

    Go for Orange!
  14. I'm thinking about it. The one in the picture isn't the Blake, I can't find a picture of that bag in orange. But the Blake is a great work bag, and the leather is wonderful. I'm just hoping it will be available when I'm ready.
  15. i do like orange, and i do like the orange epi leather bags that LV put out, but i'd buy it in something else, like a key chain or wallet but not too sure of an orange bag at the moment - but then again i do really like the paddington..... hmmmmmm