Opinions on MZ Wallace Bags

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  1. so tempting...
  2. Sahara is 30% and i'm tempted :sweatdrop:

    Anyone knows is sahara more golden or more nude (matte beige) color irl? Thx
  3. I ordered the Jane Sahara from Nordstrom the other day for $176 but I LOVE the Bea. I wish I could find it in Navy. :love:
    The Sahara looks sorta beige to me in the pictures.
  4. i'm tempted to buy the sahara bea :drool: but i'll prefer it more beige vs "light golden" seen in some pics ... it's so hard to know the actual color base on pics only

    or maybe i should just wait and see if it'll be further mark down since my pocket is telling me :nono:
  5. I'm still debating Belle and Jane. Anybody out there have any opinions? I like the cross body option on the Belle but the lines of the Jane. I know they're similar but size wise does the Belle seem much bigger?
  6. I don't have either bag, but I've seen them both in the store, stuffed. The Belle didn't seem all that big until I tried it on with the crossbody. It was way too big and bulky to wear that way. Granted, it was fully stuffed, so maybe it wouldn't be as bad if you didn't fill it up too much. But to me, it was more like a duffel than a purse.

    I went with the Hayley. I don't remember if you're the one upthread that said you liked having the handle option. True that the Hayley doesn't have that, but it does have the shorter leather strap that is incredibly comfortable. And it's much more manageable to wear cross-body.

    Have you seen Frankie? The size and lines are more like Jane, but it has handles and a cross-body strap.
  7. I think I am going to try a Belle. I love the Jane, and the Belle is slightly larger with one more exterior pocket...so I think it is the one I am most excitrd about. Maybe in Eggplant.
  8. Isn't the frankie discontinued?
  9. I'm not sure. I've seen them listed on auction sites from time to time, though.
  10. Veggiegirl66, For me if i want a larger size bag and rarely wears bag crossbody (but wants the option) than yes belle is the choice. Honestly between both belle and jane as a shoulder bag i still prefer the look of jane slightly :smile:

    Luvallbags eggpant is gorgeous! Did u see the pics posted earlier :drool:

    Ncc1701d Hayley is a good choce for hobo with crossbody option :tup:. I really like the look of mzw roll handles but the flat leather handles are so comfy :heart:. & i really like color of your bag in avatar pic so gorgeous!

    Morisa yes frankie is discontinue so only option to get one is from *bay or other places :yes:
  11. Hi all. Thanks for the feedback! As to the Frankie? It was exactly that bag that got me looking at MZ. Saw someone carrying it and loved it only to find it discontinued. But that trip to the site got me hooked and lusting after some of the other styles so here I am!

    I currently carry the Linea Pella Medium Dylan tote which I love. I've begun to realize I carry it mainly on the shoulder but do use it crossbody when I find my hands full. It's a rather heavy bag and I'm in need (well, my back and shoulder are in need) of a lighter weight option.

    Thanks again for your feedback!
  12. Hi There. I'm new to this brand--these bags look great. I am someone who loves pockets and organization. I'm looking to replace a well-loved, worn out Tods Pashmy crossbody. I'm having trouble deciding between Hayley and Paige. I carry mid-sized wallet, small appointment book, large sunglasses case, eyeglass case, cosmetic case, phone, keys, travel pack of tissues. I think that the Paige will handle all of those items; I just worry about it bulging. Any advice you ladies could provide would be helpful. TIA!
  13. Veggiegirl66 i love Lp bags but i agree leather bags get too heavy when we have to carry lots. For similar capacity with crossbody strap i think mzw belle will be awesome. Do u prefer east/west or north/south style shape? Which other bags are u considering? :biggrin:
  14. For everything you carry, I recommend the Hayley. I think it would nicely handle everything you carry with room to spare. I also worry that the Paige would bulge. Let us know what you get!
  15. I did not see the pics! Going back to look now! Thanks!!
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