Opinions on MZ Wallace Bags

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    I cannot decide on MZ Wallace bags... I like the nylon aspect and the fact they are good for travel but something stops me from purchasing one..

    Does anyone have one on the board? If so which one? Opinions.....
    I think I may get a black one to use and give my Longchamp a break...
  2. I have several MZ Wallace bags and I love them. I have several higher end bags but I get more compliments on my MZ Wallace bags than any other bag that I own. Seriously, I get stopped every single time I wear one of them. I have the Francis, the Clara and the Elsa styles. The Francis is my favorite because you can wear it cross-body and over the shoulder.
  3. I've got 3 Mz wallace bags and like above out of all my bags they get the most compliments. I've got a Olive Olivia, Grey Storm Olivia & Ikat Coco. I had the white bianco twill bea. I'm always looking for more. My next one might be a Bella

    They are really great bags. They have held up so nicely. They are so super light weight.
  4. i've the black bedford baby jane. look absolutely gorgeous even dh like it, lightweight, low maintenance, lots of pockets, very well made, super under the radar, plus not as frequently seen as longchamp :P my only "complain" will be the double roll handle is stiff so i imagine it can get uncomfortable if u carry a lot and wears tank top

  5. There are a few posts on these I think! The bags are some of the best I've ever seen. Extremely well made and functional. My 18-year-old daughter has been carrying a black Olivia for months, tossing it around, and it still doesn't look worn. I have a Baby Jane, Paige crossbody, small black shoulder (forget which style), and a newer leather cross-body. Great customer service too.
  6. Hey where do you all buy your MZ Wallace? I have been looking to get one, but I am seeing that the basic nylon ones never seem to go on sale. Do you just buy from the NY boutique?
  7. The boutique in New York, or Luna Boston. Both places are excellent- I buy them on-line. Also, Nordstrom carries a few.
  8. I usually buy my MZ wallace bags on their website (sample sales), Luna Boston, Muse Ten, Von Maur (in store) and I look at mz wallace bags at nodies. Oh & ebay
  9. they are lovely! and the lightweight aspect is fantastic.
  10. I love them! I think they are a bit overpriced but from what I've heard, they wear like iron, so maybe it's worth it?
  11. LoveLoveLove the bags. They are very popular in NYC and after many years of seeing them around, I got one on sale. I use it almost everyday and always get complimented on it. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Though, I do think the price is a bit high, the cost per wear makes it worth it.
  12. I have two: a twill tote that I've had for 10 years, and more recently the Kate I bought 2 months ago. I'm using the latter as a diaper bag, but I plan to use it for travel and work as well. I also think they're overpriced, but the quality is excellent. I purchased my bags on sale. I say go for it!
  13. :ty: everyone! I just ordered one (black bedford Bella) from Piperlime ~thank you friends and family!~ still kind of spendy for nylon but I know I will get tons of wear out of it!
  14. For some reason, MZW doesn't get very much attention on TPF. I usd to be a die hard RM fan (still am to some degree) I've recently expanded my horizons to MZW. Like a poster said before me, I always get stopped, always and get questioned about my mzw bags, where I got them etc. I have a Kate (amazing, carries everything, perfect drop height for me), Frankie (also great for every day) and I just got a Gigi which is different, unique, carries a lot also but doesn't look as big as the others. You won't be sorry with any mzw bag you buy.
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