Opinions on MZ Wallace Bags

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  1. What issue are u having? I just bought the black Paige and I hope it'll be the perfect crossbody
  2. I had last year's navy, and have seen the new blue. I felt they were pretty similar.
  3. I'm sure yours will be perfect. My new bag the strap is on so tight to the metal link that the sealant loop is pulled away from the leather. I don't want to wear it because I am sure as soon as I would it would probably fall completely off. I must say my other paige has no such issue and I wore it a lot this summer.
  4. I think u bought from Nordstrom? Heard they have wonderful customer service why not request for exchange?
  5. Just did a mini mzw spree:p I'm surprise at myself how much I like the ss13 colors
  6. Where did you buy them? They are great!
  7. They are all lovely.
  8. I went to Nordstrom today and you are right it was no problem. Though the one I went to does not carry mz wallace in store so I bought something else instead. The next one I buy I would like to buy it in person.
  9. I would love to have a MZ Wallace bag, however it is out of my price range at this time. I wanted to share with you a bag that I found to be similar at a fraction of the price.
    It is the Steve Madden Lighten Up Satchel, which is sold at Nordstrom. I believe MZ Wallace was an inspiration to the design with the choice in fabric, gold zippers, and the exterior pockets.
    The fabric is soft and the zippers are smooth. The material of the long strap feels cheap, but a minor complaint with how much everything else impresses me.
    Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 7.15.52 PM.png
  10. that's a nice-looking bag, I went to the Nordie's site and it comes in a bunch of colors, too!
  11. dhampson, the bag looks quite similar. Thanks for sharing. Mzw u can check out *bay or wait for the sale: )
  12. Great to know Nordstrom has superb customer service:smile:
  13. Thank u *^^*

    The green city tote was from mzw during their summer sale.

    The yellow is from *bay. I love the color - so fun and happy :smile: but the style maybe not so suitable for me so I might sell it: p the capacity is really quite big and I can see it good for travel, beach, school etc.

    Paige is from Easton trading. Someone posted on deal and steal and I manage to get it during their anniversary sale.
  14. Love the choices, ms p!
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