Ooops my finger slipped

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  1. right onto the 'buy' button.

    £299, is that a bargain? I can return it if I don't like it so felt like taking the risk.:tup:

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  2. Ooh, beautiful! I love the shoulder capsules :heart:

    But I'm sticking to my ban!

    Sounds like a great price though, I hope you enjoy her when she arrives :yes:
  3. Thanks qwerty, I'm really not sure if I'll keep her or not but it seems like a practical bag to me. I like the size and the face it only has one should strap as I find bags with 2 tend to slip off my shoulder.

    Looks like baby really does have to go.
  4. Yep, the shoulder is really practical, but smaller than the baby paddies. Do let us know what you think when she arrives :yes:
  5. hey that the same as my new one!!!

    which has been lucky as i took it along to a job interview and got offered it!
  6. CONGRATS on the job. Hope the bag is as lucky for me as it was for you.

    IF you don't mind me asking, did you pay more or less that £299 for yours?

  7. Congrats bag*mad*bags! I'm glad you got offered the job! I didn't know you were interviewing or I would have wished you luck - not that you seem to have needed it!
  8. thanks ladies!!
    i only found out i had a interview yesterday!
    rushed there this morning! got a clamped with a £150 release fee!! then while i was trying to sort that out the lady came down and said i had the job!

    so had some good luck and some bad!

    the small capsule is a cute bag and looked fab for the interview!
    its sooo much easier than the paddy!

    you got a good deal for £299 i think they are like £600+?
  9. It is really small?
  10. I got this one, too. It is great size for me. I got mine for $199 plus shipping on ebay and it was brand new. There are deals on ebay on this bag lately.
  11. Oh gee, I thought I got a real bargain but looks like I didn't:confused1:
  12. Congrats Tiree on your new chloe! Do not worry about how big a bargain - it is how much you :heart: the bag... Besides you still got it on sale which is fab!
  13. #13 Aug 19, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2008
    If it is the one I think it is - I think they started out at £450 for the lovely dark blue version last year? I wanted one but thought it was a bit too small for me. Congratulations - it is really cute!
  14. Oh, I did not realized you bought it already. This bag stays on my shoulder nicely. If you are using a big wallet, there might not be any space left for make up things. I put a small wallet and a small make up bag and a cell phone and keys and it is absolutely full.
  15. i think you did!!!:yes: