OMG WORST experience (LONG!)

  1. I feel silly being this upset...without disclosing the name of the other internet site that this happened on, I still wanted to share with my girls and guys on TPF. This whole experience totally made me see why TPF is such a special, unique place where members don't attack each other and make the other people feel bad on purpose.

    **My exact post**

    I am thinking of getting a Rivini wedding gown. The bad thing is that I am going to have to fly to CA to try them where in AZ has them, it looks like.

    Has anyone heard anything about this designer?


    On the plus side of having to go to CA, this way I can look at the boutiques of Melissa Sweet and Monique Llluhlier!

    **Reply from one of the other members**

    Umm....I'm not sure what you are trying to ask here. Yes, I've heard of this designer. Is that helping you?

    Just so you's Monique Lhuillier. Before you can be a Couture girl...don't you think you should at least be able to spell the names of the designers you covet? At least...that's what they tell the models on America's Next Top Model when they can't even pronounce Hermes or Karl Lagerfeld.

    ***WTF!?!!?!? I have never said anything at all to this other poster!!! I just felt like I was attacked for no reason :sad:

    I know its dumb to be upset over something that happened online but still...I am:crybaby:
  2. that person is just downright rude! I would feel bad too, even if I didn't know them personally and it was an online forum. Maybe she's having a bad day (unless her posts are always like this)

    *HUGS* Cheer up, we're here to make you feel better!
  3. ^Thankyou so much :smile: Thats why I posted this here! I was like "My TPF people will cheer me up"! LOL
  4. Wow... That's nasty! Some people just are plain mean. I hope you feel better now that you're at tPF.
  5. that is rude!

    i always go by, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

    :sad: i truly don't know what to say as i've never had an experience like that...and certainly we're not all dedicated to know every designer....and if we ever have a question that's what TPF is for!

    i help you you help me and the circle continues..

  6. **OMG I must admit something childish...I looked at her profile and she had spelled "Christian Louboutin" incorrectly...she had put "Christain Louboutain".

    I wrote back "before you pick apart other's spelling, maybe you should learn how to spell designers correctly yourself!!!"

    LMAO bad I know...**Evil Cackle**
  7. OHhhhh im so sorry. I know what you mean. I posted something as an FYI (better safe than sorry post)and I was attacked as well. I was heated(mad) for a while, thinking that was the last safety post Ill ever do. To this day I still don't post any warnings because of people who attack. *hug*


    And congrats on the engagement!
  8. wow, that is rude! See another reason this place rocks, people here are understanding!
  9. Its just so frustrating because I have posted like max of 10 times on that particular board...NEVER anything rude...the board itself is neat bc it is a local wedding board so you can hear real bride's feedback of local DJs, photographers, etc.

    I reported her post...I just thought that it was negative energy :sad:
  10. She sounds jealous to me. Don't let her get to you- have fun picking out your wedding dress! Congratulations! :yes:
  11. *shurgs* its just the internet.
  12. Oops double post

  13. I know, I know...I feel silly being upset...I guess I am just not used to people saying rude things to me like that :sad:

    LOL I am so spoiled from TPF! ;)
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. omg. thats terrible.
    why would someone say that?
    thats not very classy IMO.

    ps. how DO you pronounce karl lagerfeld?