omg such a dilemma please help!!!

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  1. Girl, calm down.

    I think you actually made a good decision by getting this bag.

    In my opinions, you are indecisive b/c the bag looks big on you but it actually fits your needs so just calm down and give it a while to think about what you really want next.
  2. I also have the easy caviar jumbo and like yourself I had some doubts after purchasing and using it a few times. However after using it often now, I have grown to love the bag for several reasons. I can address all your concerns. =)

    1) I can not fit most of my daily essentials into my m/l classic flap. I have recently tried on the jumbo classic in store and the weight difference is very significant. It makes me appreciate my easy caviar... because it is so... light and easy! It is a great everyday bag at an excellent price point for Chanel.

    2) I am 5'1" and the jumbo easy caviar looks proportional on me. But the jumbo classic looks overwhelming... not sure why that is.

    3) My SA and I both agree that the silver hardware is younger and more modern. Since the bag is less structured than a classic flap, it adds a bit more youth to its style. It is definitely more age appropriate for me than a classic. I had a male friend of mine compliment the easy caviar and told me that the jumbo classic made me look more old lady!

    Hope that helps! Enjoy your bag! It's a beauty.
  3. Why don't u buy a pre loved classic? for $3500 you'll be able to buy a M/l in really good condition.
  4. How about the CWC? i think it's $2600.
  5. It looks great on you! I agree with others that you should keep it! The classic jumbo is becoming so common and it's heavy so if you like what you have keep it!!!
  6. You should keep it, you will regret it one day if you returned it. Looks so nice on you, good size.
  7. I like it! Personally, you now have me reconsidering the classic maxi flap.
  8. It looks great though! I would keep it ! Or you should think carefully what you really need!
  9. It's a great everyday bag.
  10. Keep!!! I'm on the hunt for one.
  11. thank you all! okie i want a smaller patent leather mini, rectangular mini, woc, or clutch in bright color like hot pink, green, turquoise, or silver! anyone know if these are in stock? or should i just buy pre-owned one like on ebay, malleries, etc; i'm just afraid that if i post the link to authenticate it first, someone might snatch it up and buy it!!!~
  12. You can always have it authenticated privately for $5-7. Did you decide to return your used easy caviar? The last bag on your post in "desperately seeking" is a classic flap (either jumbo or maxi).
  13. noo i think it too late to return; and i was going to return if i were able to get the medium size for sure....but so far they are all sold out everywhere in both sizes! then i will be stuck w/ no bags at all!! but once the medium is available and i get one, then i guess the only thing to do would be to sell my jumbo myself; course i would sell it for a little bit less than retail price...bummer if only someone had a medium and i could trade!!! my jumbo easy caviar, i have not even taken it out of the box; when i said i wore it once, i mean i tried it on once and took pics to see how it looks; i didn't carry it out etc!
  14. It looks good actually. Keep it!
  15. It looks great on you! Keep it! I also have a easy caviar in blue. It's a great size in such a great price. It's only 3/4 of the m/l flap price and 3/5 of jumbo flap price. It's more roomy than m/l flap and it's much lighter than jumbo flap. The only issue of this bag is the easy caviar leather is a softer than classic caviar, so that may cause some winkles of both sides on top of the flap when use.