omg such a dilemma please help!!!

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  1. #31 Feb 13, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2014
    Based on what u say u r looking for on the "Desperately seeking thread", one option could be this:
    Now and Forever Flap
    $3700 medium flap ~ 6x9.5x3
  2. Here are the photos of the Now and Forever Flap. The photos show the flap in the jumbo size, but they can still give you an idea how the exterior and interior of the flap looks like. You can call Marisol at Neiman Marcus Coral Gables to ask her if she still has the medium size. It is likely that she still has it or can possibly find one for you.

    The medium is $3700 which is close to your requirements of $3600 for a brand new authentic classic flap lookalike. Other than the easy caviar, I am not sure if there's any brand new classic flap lookalike that is cheaper than this. Maybe others here know of one...

    Just in case anyone is interested in the price of the Now & Forever flap shown here in the jumbo size, it is $4100.

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  3. Keep it, looks good on you
  4. the medium now and forever flap, is it similar size to the jumbo easy caviar? i prefer/need to see how the bag looks when worn on shoulder before deciding/purchasing! like the jumbo easy caviar, i should have asked for pic of the bag worn on shoulder first...
  5. The medium now & forever flap is about 6"H x 9.5" B x 3"W. You can measure your easy caviar jumbo and gauge how the medium would be like compard to it. I suggest that u go to a store near your place that has this bag and try it out before buying it.
  6. I doubt that a medium Chanel flap would be similar in size to a jumbo Chanel flap.
  7. I would say you can waiting for another discount. There are lots of Chanel handbags on sale every year. I do not think it's necessary to get something not affordable.
    I originally want to buy a 4400 dollars classic bag, but ended up with get a pretty flap for 1500 dollars. After that I never thinking about spend 4400 dollar to get a classic bag which is just as good as the 1500 dollars bag.
  8. woww that just looks very similar to the (jumbo) easy caviar!!~

  9. Since you haven't used the bag - just return it. It's too big of an investment to keep just because you can't get the real bag you want. If you ask yourself will this bag satisfy me completely ? Will I still want the more expensive bag if I get this one? If the answer is No/Yes - just wait and get the bag you really want. They are not going to stop making Chanel bags anytime soon. Plus imagine how satisfied you will feel having acquired the bag you really want. The bag "grave yard" = no good.
  10. the bag "grave yard" = no good! your so cute!!!~ no, but i cannot really afford to buy/spend more than what i already did for the easy caviar (3k); and obviously any medium classic flap bag (will) cost way over 3k ; and i don't want a mini or a WOC since the only bag i carry at the moment is my watercolor LV speedy!! I want another everyday black bag and it has to be a Chanel!! So price wise, easy caviar is good; i just keep kicking myself why i didn't get the medium instead!!!!!!:crybaby:
  11. I do have classic jumbo and easy cavier jumbo in beige. At first my easy seem too soft for my liking due to its softness of the leather compare to the classic jumbo cavier. I am rethinking about selling it off because the beige look really white and I was scaring of dirty it. But how it is my most use chanel bag because it can fit all my daily essencial things. It a lot easy to get in and out than classic jumbo yet its look classic. i wear her with easy going cloth like jean and shirt or denim skirt. I can dress up or down and she is fit perfactly. I just growing to love her more. Hope this help . Oh by the way the little slochy of the bag make it more relax and youthful than the stiff classic. Just in my opinion.